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Date Question Total Who?
27-Apr-08 Pirates vs Ninjas Gara
  Are you a pirate or a ninja? 145
14-Jan-08 Console Wars Strikes Back Gara
  Which next gen console do you like most? 30
07-Jan-07 Anime Diluted? Gara
  Is recent anime more commercial and watered down? 845
04-Jan-04 Japanese Cool Lia
  Coolest Japanese Anime Favorite 775
30-Nov-03 Megumi Hayashibara Lia
  Favorite Megumi Hayashibara Role 122
11-Oct-03 Site Features Lia
  New website feature you most want to see 110
27-Jun-03 Live Action Anime Lia
  Live Action Evangelion? 347
19-Apr-03 Tenchi-Muyo Jennifer
  Best Tenchi Girl 386
15-Mar-03 Anime Conventions Lia
  Anime Conventions... 245
02-Jan-03 Knight Sabers Lia
  Favorite Knight Saber (OVAs) 211
01-Dec-02 Anime Humor Suzaku_No-Miko
  Favorite Light hearted Anime? 314
12-Nov-02 snafu improvements Lia
  snafu auto-greet: no files here. Good or Bad? 101
20-Oct-02 New Site Lia
  This site's new color scheme and images are... 118
01-Sep-02 Favourite Mecha Gara
  What's your favourite Mecha type? 417
17-Jul-02 Slayers Lia
  Lina Inverse... 248
01-Jun-02 Studio Ghibli Aridant
  Best Studio Ghibli anime 282
12-May-02 Ah My Goddess Lia
  Favorite Goddess Character in AMG 239
31-Mar-02 Fav Heroine Trevor
  Of these, who's your favorite female anime heroine 540
17-Feb-02 Your thoughts on hentai Tentacle Girl
  Hentai? 1465
20-Jan-02 Evil Villains Gara
  Which of these villains is the best 552
20-Dec-01 Silliness photek
  Favorite Op: 195
18-Nov-01 Anime Movie Gara
  Which is your favorite original Anime Movie 589
17-Oct-01 Hottest Anime Skie
  What Anime has the hottest characters 697
16-Sep-01 Rurouni Kenshin Lia
  Favorite Kenshin Character 597
09-Aug-01 Anime Intros Bixy
  Anime with favorite Opening 826
06-Jul-01 Catgirls Galore Lia
  Favorite Catgirl 506
05-Jun-01 Gourmet Cuisine Auzzie-Phoenix
  Who is the best cook in anime? 510
05-May-01 Final Fantasy Lia
  Which FF Series (American) is your favorite 571
02-Apr-01 Most Annoying Laugh Meeki
  Anime character with the most annoying laugh 671
03-Mar-01 Favorite Full Length Anime Series Tsuki
  Of these, what is your favorite full length series 1515
16-Feb-01 Snafu's Gender Gara-Sama
  What sex is snafu? 537

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