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Anime is a slice of life.

Well, you wanted to know what it was about didn't you? I just told you. Oh, I see. You wanted a bit more of an explanation. Okie dokie.

Wait a minute.. I thought this place was about Anime. What could be simpler than that. You might think that but I'm going to go out on a limb and say No, this channel is not about Anime at all.

After you recoil from the shock value of my statement, take a moment to think about it with me. Sure, people who love anime can be found in our little channel. Yes, discussions about anime definitely do take place. So do discussions about Politics. So do discussions about travel, so do discussions about computers, video games, the weather, what you had for lunch. See a pattern here? You don't, good because neither do I. Point being, you just can't stop people from being people. We talk about whatever happens to strike our fancy. If you join and there aren't intense, detail filled discussions about your favorite anime by some hardcore fan with the the show's theme song tatooed onto their navel, don't panic. Those will come along (though I don't make any guarantees on the tatoos). In the mean time, give us a chance to grow on you.. You'll see that the channel is about so much more.

Ok so if its just a bunch of people chatting about random stuff, then what's the point of calling it #Anime. Why not just call it #BlandGenericChat. That name was taken. Just kidding. It can be hard to meet people, especially on IRC which is full of undesirable elements. Its been my experience that alot of people who like anime are on the same wavelength. We don't think alike but we have an easy time communicating with one another. We share a lot of the same interests and the same style. It really makes for a comfortable, friendly atmosphere where you can be yourself and its not unrealistic to expect others will want to hear what you have to say.

Its a little slice of life seasoned with our very own flavor. And if I do say so myself, its quite tasty. Yum!

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