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#Anime Website Debuts! by Lia | DALnet #anime editorials

#Anime Website Debuts!

Welcome to the revamped website of DALnet's #Anime! If you're expecting another one of those vanilla sites where I say, "Here's the oplist aren't we cool" or "Here's some fun rules you must obey", or even "Sign our lame guestbook with some lame comment you thought up in two seconds", then I'm happy to say your expectation *will* be torn in half and stomped on like I dream of doing to Mokona every time I watch Rayearth.

Instead we're going to make this place fun (well we hope anyways). IRC is all about interacting with people, and this website has been created with that in mind. All of our content is designed to let you get to know the people who call #Anime their virtual home. Yes we have profiles, but they contain interesting tidbits about us and not only that, but we can updated them directly ourselves as often as we want. That's right you're getting info straight from the source. Reviews, Quotes, Polls, this stuff is straight from the mouths of channel members. Even this editorial is dynamic and will be written often by #Anime users on a rotating basis.

So take a moment to investigate the background behind those chattering IRC nicknames. Reading stuff written by people you know is strangely fascinating compared to the boredom you might otherwise feel looking over data and text. Also, take a moment to thank our fine Web Admin Gara-Sama. Not only did he put together this slick design but the entire site is easily updatable and therefore will be as current as possible.

Thanks Gara! And thanks to all of you who provide the content to make this place something that we call can enjoy. See you in #Anime!

Tuesday, February 06, 2001

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