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Moral Outrage, RPGs, and Kudos by Lia | DALnet #anime editorials

Moral Outrage, RPGs, and Kudos

Well, nothing like waiting until the last day of March to do the March editorial. I don't even have a focused topic this month, just a few bits and pieces.

To start with, I suppose I should explain why I haven't been keeping up with the site as of late (and make an ingenius sales pitch, but I'm sure you won't notice that!). The last 3-4 weeks, my time has been taken up with the creation of an online Role Playing game I call Xenata. I've spent quite a bit of time on it's creation, including 2 weeks on what I believe will be a very enticing storyline, and a homegrown gameplay system without the AD&D complexity but retaining the elements of puzzle solving and strategy that are missing in free-form games. The bulk of the game will be swords and sorcery, but the twist is that it's set in the future! Pretty cool I think. Already on board to play are Gara, Meeki, LordMorpheus, and Tenken_No_Akuma. If you like online role plays, I hope you'll take a look and consider signing up.

In other news, I want to share my moral outrage at the people of Central Park Media for the deplorable action of continuing to sell Slayers DVDs over the last two years with a known technical issue. The Japanese audio track suffers from volume problems that can't be fixed in any audio track other than stereo. What this means to me is that it's impossible to watch the subbed version on the DVDs in my Playstation 2 DVD player, which uses some form of Dolby Sound that you cannot change. Grrr Central Park Media. As you can see from this announcement, you're basically screwed because they don't plan to help you. Gara says that a remastering is finally on the way this summer though, so at least I can return them and wait it out.

Finally, I just want to give a big thanks to Gara for his efforts on the Anime Trivia which will soon be available on the site. We reached beta testing the other day and will soon be opening up the Admin section for #Anime members to add their own questions. I hope you'll all participate.

Remember, play Xenata! You don't want your old pal Lia to feel awfully stupid when nobody shows up to play her game, do you? huh, huh, huh?

Sunday, March 31, 2002

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