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#anime - The People

Some people take chatting online for granted. They come around, ask whatever questions they need and then they leave. To others though, it's a doorway to a new world. You meet some wonderful people and some jerks as well. Quite a bit like the offline world, eh?

You can ask yourself why a person might come to #anime. The obvious one of course, they like anime. Heh, but is that why they stay? Most rooms generate a large number of people because they serve files of some sort. #anime does no such thing. So, why do people really stay in the room? Friendships? Acquaintances? You can call them anything you want but it boils down to the people.

I chased down Gara, one of the sops of the room. I asked him what he thought made #anime stand out to him, what makes it worth going to and he growled out "da people". Okay, maybe he really didn't growl but he did say that. I just thought special effects would be nice touch. Photek gave a rather unique and not too different answer. "It's really nice to have friends when all my other friends have gone to sleep". He also noted that there's always someone awake in #anime. You just can't beat that.

Of course with a large group of people, there will be the occasional fight. A squirmish might break loose. It's not really any different then whacking your brother on the head for being annoying or arguing with your best friend at school over her opinion on Britney Spears. Heck, you might even find the occasional relationship tiff in #anime. It might be online but it's still life. There's still opinions, emotions and ideals. You name it.

'Chatting' online is more then what it seems sometimes. I guess that's the point I'm trying to make. You could go anywhere and 'chat'. #anime is different, the search for other rooms end upon joining. Okay, maybe it's not that way with everyone, hehe, but it's not that big of an exaggeration, really. It holds a charm all of it's own. When it works it's way under your skin, you would do anything for the room and people there. The people really make it worth it. You really make it worth it.

Saturday, June 01, 2002

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