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Is Anime on TV a good or bad thing? by AvatarEnd | DALnet #anime editorials

Is Anime on TV a good or bad thing?

We live in a glorious time where anime can be easily and readably bought if you have the money. As anime gains more converted fanboys and fangirls over to its cause the US and other countries have seen an increase of anime being shown on networks like Showtime and Cartoon Network among others. These mainstream shows have two important benefits and two important downfalls.

The first place you are likely to catch these shows on is Cartoon Network or the WB. The first important benefit is being able to watch animes like Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, and Hamtaro. While I’m probably going to get chewed out by some people for saying to watch these, but it really is a great place to get that special little glimpse into the world of anime we all fondly remember. Mine was a dubbed copy of fire emblem I happened to come across at some forgotten store. Another important benefit is it throwing anime in people’s faces, well that’s a rather harsh of saying it but fairly accurate. What I mean is that by showing it mainstream it’s become a less geeky thing to be seen enjoying and you’ll see this in the fact that Con’s have more and more attendees every year (definitely more cosplayers as well).

One rather huge disadvantage is the horrid editing jobs that are stumbled across fairly often on network TV. Which is why you’ll often see the more hard-core fans display a rather unique loathing towards these shows. The Editing jobs are an issue an entire editorial could be written about so I won’t go there. Next huge disadvantage is the fact that all of these are dubbed and not subtitled with the original Japanese language. Now every once in awhile you’ll see a fan who actually prefers the dubs to subs and I can think of my Friend Joseph as being one of those. But for the most part people will tell you that the plot, dialogue, jokes, etc. are levels better in a sub compared to the dub. With DVDs usually having both you can test out for yourself which you prefer.

After thinking about these advantages and disadvantages I came to the conclusion that anime on TV was a good thing even if it was something I may only sporadically watch myself. If it gives even a small chance for a person to want to learn more about anime it’s fulfilled its job even if in a gruesome and unpleasant manner.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

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