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Sometimes we're alone by Lia | DALnet #anime editorials

Sometimes we're alone

Miyu, of Vampire Princess Miyu fame is an interesting character. One of my personal favorites because I feel I can relate to her, but I think that all of us have felt like Miyu at one point or another in our lives. As we are told, Miyu exists outside of time. The world moves on without her. How can one be expected to understand someone who belongs to no reality, but has been a bystander for lifetimes. Supposedly, no one can, that's what makes her such a tragic character of course.

While the portrayal of Miyu does a good job of making her someone you can neither outright hate or root for unconditionally, the underlying falsehood presented is that we the audience simply can't relate to her. I pose that we've all been in Miyu's shoes at some point in our lives. Haven't you ever looked in the mirror and wondered how the person staring back at you can be such a stranger? Or puzzled over the behavior of someone you thought you knew so well. We are constantly thrown one puzzle after another in life and forced to deal with things we'd rather not consider.

The difference may be in how we deal with it. Well-adjusted people are very adept at smoothing over, or even ignoring bumps in the road. Being content to live in the present and enjoy what can be seized in front of them, these individuals allow themselves to be funneled into a societal mold that they are quite content to live out.

Others have visible problems dealing with the very question of our existence. It manifests itself via anger, rage, and a desire to hurt. These people typically cannot understand... or accept their lot in life and so they strike out as a way of taking action, futile though it may be. They will find out what "life" is all about no more than the first group, but they aren't content to simply not try. A sad fate.

It almost sounds black and white. You either accept life or you don't. Yet I posit that there's a third group out there, one that maybe isn't so easily detectable. These people appear to be leading the typical 'happy life' scenario but they have a haunted look their eyes, their actions in life a forced hand, destined to carry on until they've resolved a question that is unsolvable. What most people would call Life has yet to get started for this group as they find themselves unable to truly appreciate anything while such a weighty question looms before them. These people might perhaps best understand Vampire Princess Miyu. Time has stopped for them.

I understand Vampire Princess Miyu.

Sunday, September 01, 2002

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