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A Look Back by Lia | DALnet #anime editorials

A Look Back

Hey hey hey!

Since the #Anime site has been given a new coat of paint courtesy of Gara, everybody's favorite web admin, what better time to reflect back a moment about how far we've come and how closely we've succeeded in the objectives that we had for this fine website.

We are well into our second year of existence (It will be 2 full years in February) and for the most part I couldn't be happier with the dynamic nature of the site. We are still getting a trickle of content in every month from our channel regulars and web visitors in the form of new reviews, trivia questions, member profiles, quotes and more. Any of you who were around at the launching of this little corner of cyberspace will remember that the #1 goal of the site was too never grow stale, and I think we've accomplished that.

Everyone's dedication to running an evolving site has paid off in terms of visitors. The latest monthly stats show us up to 5,700 visitors in September and over 15,000 page views (that means people are liking what they see and staying to check us out). That's a lot of people, and not all of them are coming from the channel either.

The Stats page continues to be an extremely popular feature for channel members. Some people (and I'm one of them) just like to analyze numbers, trends, and averages where others like to chart their progress through the stats, all in the name of fun of course. At least I hope its for fun. Reviews are by far the most popular destination and we continue to produce a handful of new reviews per month. I originally stated that our goal was never to try and become a polished #1 source for anime information but rather to get to know our members through their writing in addition to learning about cool anime. I think we've done that as evidenced by our diverse number of authors and many reader comments on the majority of reviews out there.

Of course it's not all star-struck success. For every reviews section there's an ill fated web board but we've never claimed to win 'em all. After a rock-solid start, trivia participation has bottomed out with not many new questions being added. And while we've had some quality news items, the participation in that and editorials has been fairly concentrated to me alone.

I never let myself get too discouraged though because the #Anime website is fun, and it is recognized. If you do a search on google for 'DALnet' we turn up close to the top. A search on 'Anime' and we're only 5-6 pages back. I hope you'll enjoy the new color scheme and pictures and those of you who are members will continue to devote a little bit of your time to supply the site with fresh content. I'd love to listen to your ideas, take your articles and put them up for all to read, or just hear your feedback.

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, new content without end, #Anime. (Oh wait, isn't that a prayer)?

Thanks Everybody!

Sunday, October 20, 2002

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