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Holiday Buyer's Guide by Lia | DALnet #anime editorials

Holiday Buyer's Guide

With the holidays approaching (for some anyway) it's a great time to wring an anime-related gift out of someone. Or maybe to spend all that cash you got when you told your relatives that you wanted anime and they looked at you cluelessly and said something about "cartoons" in disbelief.

#Anime has got you covered for new ideas. The latest scuttlebut in the channel is as follows:

Hey it's supposed to be a happy time of year right? Well bring on the vampires anyways. The Vampire Princess Miyu TV box was recently released and would make a good pickup at under $100. LordMorpheus says you can't go wrong filling you vampire fetish with shorter series like Hellsing and Nightwalker.

Too dark? Well get silly then with some light-hearted comedies such as Azumanga. A genius schoolgirl surrounded by crazy friends and eccentric teachers makes for a splash of humor. Anyone who has ever been to an AnimeCon or Star Trek convention won't be able to help but grin at Nadesico, a series that pokes fun at the fandom surrounding such things. Thanks to AvatarEnd and Suzako No Miko for those suggestions.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of.. Mountain Dew? Captain Kyosuke suggests One Piece, a pirate-filled, action-oriented comedy featuring a stretchy guy named Luffy and his search for the "One Piece."

Can't stop playing video games? Find out just what might happen with .hack//sign, a great series that has impressed many in #Anime. It's a fantasy-based adventure that was only recently licensed though, so you may want to save your money for a bright anime future.

If you want something that will make you think, and just might make you cry, Noir is the ticket. This dark series profiles the lives of two female assassins trying to come to grips with a terrifying past. Not for the faint of heart!

Finally, it's never too late to revisit old favorites such as Neon Genesis Evangelion (Recently released Perfect Collection box) or Kimagure Orange Road (Box also recently released). Just don't mix the two up! A tripped out religious sci-fi experience versus a love-comedy might have you noticing if you goof.

Whether you try something new or concentrate on backfilling your collection with old favorites, spend the holidays with friends and family. Watching even a series you've seen before can seem as magical as the first time you saw it, especially if you're bringing someone else along for the ride.

Sunday, December 01, 2002

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