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Life After File Trading by Lia | DALnet #anime editorials

Life After File Trading

Yes it exists. We're proof of that. With the DALnet IRC Network banning file-trading channels from its servers, the anime crowd dried up pretty fast. I have to admit that I was unsure how #Anime would be affectd, because even though we don't trade files, the amount of traffic that passes through our channel could be influenced by DALnet's popularity as an exchange of anime movies.

Well it's been a couple of months now, and though we've lost some userbase, it's not a whole lot. I've noticed that we continue to pick up regulars even though DALnet itself is much smaller. Someone even commented the other day to the effect of "Wow, a channel that survived DALnet's catastrophe" which I think is a real compliment to the fact that our channel can still be an active home to those people looking for one.

A lot of IRC channels similar to ours (Medium-sized, active channels), chose to pick up and relocate to other networks. I think this will be a long-term mistake. DALnet may be small now, but it's big enough to allow for new people to find you. Those other networks, tiny in comparison, won't produce new and interesting people. Over time the existing user base will dry up and shrink, leaving formerly content individuals with something akin to a ghost town. Then where do you go?

Furthermore, what happened to all those formerly numerous IRC tradin' channels anyhow? Well, the anime ones are now fairly consolidated on irc.aniverse.com, which appears to be a network exclusively dedicated to trading anime. Talk about shaky legal footing. I don't wish them any particular misfortune, but the network sure has made themselves an easy target for distribution companies, or the mpaa, etc. That could have been DALnet.

Not that I think things are completely rosy on DALnet either. I agree 100% with their ban on file-trading channels if only to keep the virus/trojan spreading to a minimum and avoid legal risk. However, the administration has been fairly laissez-faire in their efforts to revitalize the smaller but what should be more friendly 'DALnet.' If you want to be the "Friendly IRC Network" like you have claimed in the past, how about starting to communicate with your users again. #Anime and those like us are the kind of users you want. Don't take us for granted.

Saturday, April 19, 2003

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