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Live Action Anime - Is Now the Time? by Lia | DALnet #anime editorials

Live Action Anime - Is Now the Time?

With the recent, well semi-recent news about Live Action Evangelion, those of us who care about such things felt compelled to discuss this choice by the Gainax to take this classic of the anime genre and add human actors into the mix.

There have been Live Action translation of anime shows before, none of them arguably very good. There isn't a single Live Action success story today that we could think of. Ever heard of Fist of the North Star Live Action? If not, count yourself lucky. But several new Live Action projects are in the works, with hot-button series Eva leading the way for others such as Cutey-Honey, DragonBall Z, Perfect Blue, and even a Sailor Moon Live action TV series.

So what's the big reason for going Live Action? Given the names thrown out above, there's probably not much new territory to explore. Kid-friendly shows like Sailor Moon and DBZ may have a bigger margin for error given their audience, but the bar will be set high for a series like Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Certainly there are more tools to work with, if you're willing to pay... which Eva and its $100 million dollar budget appear set to do. Movies such as Lord of the Rings and Enter the Matrix have demonstrated the impressive use of CGI to incorporate humans and fantasy elements together. Something like that will definitely be needed to give the Eva series justice.

Still, creators of the many hit anime series that we've all come to love and enjoy have almost unlimited freedom to work with on the animated medium and relatively cheap production values. Watch futuristic anime with mecha and cybernetic implants, see sword and sorcery with spectacular overblow spell effects, explore some of the darker sides of human history with a shocking brutality that surpasses any makeup an artist can don, but most of all, push your imagination to the limit. That's what we do with anime. Can we do it with live action. So far, no. Perhaps Eva will be different.

In any event, I know that at this point, I'd rather see some of the brilliant anime creators producing more top-notch animated series such as Evangelion than trying to conquer the Live Action scene.

Friday, June 27, 2003

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