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Yay For Nostalgia by Lia | DALnet #anime editorials

Yay For Nostalgia

About a month ago I was talking with some of my fellow #anime inhabitants about an anime that I'd recalled seeing when I was a child back in the 1980s called The Mysterious Lost Cities of Gold. Do any of you recall that series? It was a fairly low-budget anime that played on Nickalodean when I watched it, and it was about 3 children coming to the new world in the time of explorers such as Magellan and Columbus to search for the fabled Cities of Gold that the Incas were said to have built in hidden locations.

I have very fond memories of that show. As a child it really gave me a sense of adventure and excitement that was almost magical. It seemed like the whole world was ripe with possibility and an adventure like that was just waiting for you to discover it. I wanted to see it again for nostalgia's sake, but you can't buy or find the episodes anywhere so I wasn't too hopeful. However, #anime member Suzaku_No-Miko was kind enough to give me the first episode of the series from some old VHS recordings she still has of the show. So I sat down at my computer and prepared to watch it.

Now as children we are a much less sophisticated audience, able to see the magic behind an idea presented in a show without being put off by terrible voice acting or plot holes and that sort of thing. I was a little anxious as the episode started up that The Mysterious Lost Cities of Gold would apall me with how bad it was. Shows that I remember being delighted by when I was younger such as Thundercats or The Care Bears (Yes I watched the Care Bears, so sue me) have been simply awful when viewed as an adult, and I wondered briefly if I even wanted to risk that happening here.

But then the opening song came on and I smiled. I remembered that song instantly! That little intro song that perfectly captured all those feelings I had of a grand adventure, I knew I had to watch more. I saw all the characters including my old favorite, a goofy looking native american boy named Tao who sports a bowl haircut and some kind of pancho for his everyday where. I giggled a little bit.

So I got into the actual episode where one of the 3 starring children, Esteban, ends up leaving Spain to sail for the new world with the sneaky Mendoza who thinks Esteban can help him find the Cities of Gold. And yes, it wasn't a masterpiece of anime... the voice inflection and dialogue was particularly poor in this first episode but I found myself enjoying it nonetheless. I was amazed and how the familiarity of what I was watching resurfaced from dormant memories and allowed me to get into the show.

In the end, I was glad I watched and I found myself wanting to see more. It's all up to you, Suzaku!

Sunday, November 30, 2003

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