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#Anime Saloon - The File Trader by Lia | DALnet #anime editorials

#Anime Saloon - The File Trader

It was mighty hot 'round these parts lately. Naturally, the saloon filled up earlier than normal, still not as packed as it would be later that night but enough folks to bring me down to the common room, lookin' to socialize with my regulars and keep an eye out for trouble.

Sure enough, the doors swung open and a real suspect character moseyed on in. He had the look of a real wild type, someone unused to living among our civilized lot. The feller had wild black hair and a greedy gleam in his eye. He had a bandoleer of CDs draped across his shoulder, and a mighty fine laptop with built in DVD support strapped to his hip; sure looked like he knew how to use it.

Looked to me like there was to be a spot 'o trouble. Still, my momma taught me never to judge a man before the whiskey's outta the bottle. Heck if I knew what it meant, but it sounded like good advice. Snafu, my barkeep, asked the feller for his order in a coldly impersonal tone. Normally it would have irked me... Ayukawa, our fixit man, was always givin' our resident vixen new scripts to try out on the customers but she very rarely deviated from her robotic approach to the job... now she was exactly the cool customer I needed in this situation.

"!List" he said. I narrowed my eyes, a hard thing to do because they're as large as saucers, and adjusted the hem of my sailor suit... this could get ugly. The stranger seemed blind to the uncomfortable silence that followed.

Motosuwa, one of our friendly regulars, ventured a question. "What's your name, Stranger?"

"SUPER-SAIYAN-VEGETA" was the booming reply. "HOW TO DL UR DBZ EPS?!?!?!?!??!" Damn, he looked prepared to flood us with his demands. I gave the nod to Gara, our resident bouncer and ninja master. He anticipated my request and had the varmint by the collar of his ratty shirt.

I never in my life have seen such a struggle. After being thrown out once, the rascal stormed back in trying to take us out with a previously unrevealed CTCP gun. I saw photek go down... he never did pay attention... and then I was under fire. I upturned the table and his requests bounced off.

Things were lookin grim. Fortunately, Raistlin, a constable of some authority in these parts, entered the saloon at that exact moment and threatened to kill the crazy man if he didn't quiet down. That did the trick. The son of a gun was hauled off and I promptly declared him banned for life.

Just another day in the #Anime saloon, I thought to myself as I prepared to clean up the mess.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

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