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This Month's Ramblings by Lia | DALnet #anime editorials

This Month's Ramblings

Yeah, I was going to plop a weighty philosophical issue onto your browser but I'm feeling particularly uninspired at the moment. I've retained enough clarity to realize that subjecting you to my unclear logic would constitute cruel and unusual punishment.

So instead, I'll just touch on a little bit of the day to day activties that hold our attention on IRC. For me, one of the more interesting things I'm doing this month is participaring in an online RPG based on the Bubble Gum Crisis world. Yes that's right, Geeks no longer have to crowd around tables in poorly lit basements to avoid criticism for this long-suffering 'uncool' activity. Now we can do it from the safety of our computers. You can find some real avid role players on IRC who I don't normally get a chance to interact with in a general purpose chat channel like #Anime. I can understand where they are coming from. Its a very challenging, and therefore rewarding task to create a viable character from nothing but your own imagination.

Those of us in #Anime who are teenagers are winding down the school year, and so our normally predictable schedule will shift into summer mode (Not yours truly though, who does the 8-4:30 bit). Between summer jobs, and just plain wanting to spend more time outdoors, we should see some less frequent, more erratic activity from some of our members.

Finally, during the summer (At least it is in the Western Hemisphere) many of us get the chance to visit in person, the people we normally only see on our computer screens. I know a couple of people already who have met and gotten to take their friendship to another level. Speaking for myself, I'm a little hesitant to meet people from IRC because oftentimes you find that what you thought about someone and what actually is, are two different animals. However, I wouldn't discount this out of hand, many Online friendships have been enhanced by visits. I've even known a few people in my time who have met online and gotten married. Not the norm to be sure, but anything's possible I suppose. After all, if you're going to be like me and give up hope ahead of the game, then some of the magic does go out of chatting online since you've already set limitations on what you can discover. So umm, don't be like me :P

Here's to a great Summer!

Tuesday, June 05, 2001

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