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I want my, I want my An-i-me by Lia | DALnet #anime editorials

I want my, I want my An-i-me

We all want some, but the question is: Where do we get it? There are a number of different methods that people get exposure to new anime, obscure anime, and long-running series. For what its worth (not much), I'm going to share my thoughts on this. A sample survey of #anime users is in the works to find out where people prefer to go for their own anime fixes (Honestly, It really is this time). Oh, and just to be clear. I'm not counting Toonami as a source. Heh, sorry.

The obvious way is to buy your Anime from retailers. This is what I would encourage people to do whenever possible. This is a great moral choice. You're supporting the company who took a chance on bringing it over to the states, you're supporting anime in general and the profitability of releasing it in places other than Japan. Finally, you're getting a high quality DVD or Tape that you can watch somewhere other than on your Computer screen and possibly get Anime virgins initiated into this wonderful genre.

Of course, there are also minuses to buying. Cost comes to mind immediately. As Teenagers or college students, most people can't afford to lay down 20-30 dollars per tape. Throw in the fact that some of the best Anime is long series like Rurouni Kenshin and Evangelion and you've got something that's a king's ransom. For Gara's sake, I'll throw in international shipping as another huge cost prohibitor for folks outside the US living on tiny carribean islands. Also, buying anime makes it hard for anyone to be on the 'cutting edge' of new Anime releases. It can take years for a series to make its way to the United States. For many people this leads to...

Downloading Fansubs from the internet. While #Anime itself doesn't offer this, many DALnet channels do and there are hundreds of users logged on soley to obtain these files. The obvious pluses here are access to newer anime like Inu-Yasha. These just aren't available to purchase at this time but fans hear a lot about them and understandly can't wait another couple years. The questionable morality of this probably bothers few people but it does me. I want to buy my anime and show my support. Of course I have well-paying job so this is easier to do. I did download fansubs of Rurouni Kenshin TV though and am glad I did so. However, I also know that I plan to buy those tapes as they are released and have four of them already. After all, I'd much rather watch a high quality tape than the grainy, dark images on my computer, which is what you have to be willing to put up with for movies in internet format.

There's a nice little compromise though between the cost of buying Anime and the limitations that come from downloading it. It's actually my favorite way though I don't get to practice it. Anime Clubs, Fan Conventions, sharing among friends. Shows are always more fun to watch together and anime is no different. Clubs are prevalent in colleges and neighborhoods. I know that calf and Ark both belong to them. Everybody chips in some money, you watch a high-quality anime, and you get to enjoy it together and share in the experience. With any luck, you could be forming a bond with someone that goes well beyond anime. And that my friends, is a thing of real beauty!

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

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