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  25-Jan-03 10:36 AM Score: 5.0 (13 Votes)
<CityHuntr> Hitler would have done very well if it wasn't for that darn meddling Wolfenstein guy
  25-Jan-03 10:15 AM Score: 5.0 (9 Votes)
<Shinobu-nap> vegetables is what food eats!
 Gara 09-Jan-07 11:50 AM Score: 5.0 (2 Votes)
<Kantrey> Why do people think I am gay lately
<Ayukawa> because you have sex with me?
<Ayukawa> er.
<Ayukawa> MEN
<Ayukawa> ...
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:18 PM Score: 5.0 (2 Votes)
<AvatarEnd> http://anime.oddball.net/peopledisplay.cfm?userid=2
<mousch> Gara you look badass
<mousch> you may be userid=2 but you're userid=1 in my heart <3
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:12 PM Score: 5.0 (2 Votes)
<Gre|> tired -_-
<M`Hael> I slept 4 hours in the past 2 days.
<Gre|> why?
<M`Hael> Because I can't sleep.
<Gre|> get laid :D
<M`Hael> You first :D
<Gre|> damnit
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:03 PM Score: 5.0 (1 Votes)
<Mayonnaise> Man
<Mayonnaise> Lotius is going rabid with the peanut brittle
<AvatarEnd> Take it off him and give him some wholesome prunes to eat.
<Mayonnaise> too late.
<Mayonnaise> he ripped the box open to get the flakes.
<Lotius> god it's like crack
 Gara 09-Jan-07 11:55 AM Score: 5.0 (1 Votes)
<Mercenary> What would you call the tree-hugger hippy equivalent of nazis?
<Cloe> Green Peace?
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:10 PM Score: 5.0 (1 Votes)
<Gre|> if that's not porn im not clicking on it
 Gara 09-Jan-07 11:52 AM Score: 5.0 (1 Votes)
* blight smacks Orochiyashiro into next week.
<Orochiyashiro> o.O
<Orochiyashiro> omg my report is due!
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:12 PM Score: 5.0 (1 Votes)
* Umi throws soggy clothing at mousch's face
* mousch dries them off in seconds with the power of her hotness
<Umi> You'd be dead if you were that hot, mouschette.
<mousch> i'm hanging on by a thread~

Retrieved 248 quotes.
Showing 1 to 10

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