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 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:22 PM Score: 4.0 (5 Votes)
<Meeki> Yeah, Vin hates my friends.
<FDSA> They're backstabbers and attention whores.
<Meeki> They are females, duh.
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:21 PM Score: 4.5 (2 Votes)
<takaa> but 16 has seen Ali G the movie
<takaa> it was terribly obscene and i'm too young for those stuff :(
<takaa> but i watched it twice :o
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:21 PM Score: 5.0 (1 Votes)
* gen buys manuals on "understanding women"
<Meeki> It better be 99% images otherwise it will be discarded within seconds.
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:21 PM Score: 4.8 (5 Votes)
* Karas[busy] is been teached by his gf.
<TheREALRanma> not english apparently
<Karas[busy]> nope, about american lelelture
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:20 PM Score: 4.7 (8 Votes)
<mousch> aside from the cock the pizza looks so delicious
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:19 PM Score: 4.7 (3 Votes)
* GothicMehreen takes a deep breath.,,
<GothicMehreen> Okay. Here I go. I'm licking it.,,
<GothicMehreen> Shit!,,
<DawnRazor> ..
<GothicMehreen> Clicking it!
<Devo> tasty link.
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:18 PM Score: 5.0 (2 Votes)
<AvatarEnd> http://anime.oddball.net/peopledisplay.cfm?userid=2
<mousch> Gara you look badass
<mousch> you may be userid=2 but you're userid=1 in my heart <3
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:18 PM Score: 4.0 (1 Votes)
<Sessie> it's like promoting incest to guarantee a happier family
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:17 PM Score: 3.0 (1 Votes)
<Sesame> wishing on stars is so.. 103452 years ago
<AvatarEnd> Sesame only wishes on flying cats.
<Sesame> and you can do it as often as you'd like to
<Sesame> just get a cat, climb the nearest ladder, and..
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:17 PM Score: 4.0 (1 Votes)
<malefic> mongooses are teh awesome, afaic.
<malefic> "What? No snakes? :( well ok. We'll eat rats."
<Jarre> rats, plane, etc.
<tentacles> i'm fairly certain a mongoose cannot eat a plane
<tentacles> unless it was like the supervillain of mongooses

Retrieved 248 quotes.
Showing 1 to 10

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