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  25-Jan-03 10:11 AM Score: 3.7 (3 Votes)
<Gara> Lia is the pin up girl for all arab nations.
  25-Jan-03 10:11 AM Score: 1.7 (3 Votes)
[Pots!rlintjer@] Is Snafu a band?
  25-Jan-03 10:12 AM Score: 4.0 (3 Votes)
<Emma__E> any girls with a web cam can hav a perminent leech to my huge fserv if they can act out one of my fantasys for me over the cam msg me
  25-Jan-03 10:12 AM Score: 4.0 (4 Votes)
*** Lia is now known as xXxSuperxXxLiaxXxVegetaxXx
  25-Jan-03 10:12 AM Score: 3.0 (4 Votes)
<Bfitch> snafu is a real person she talks sometime not often
<Bfitch> yeah she kicked me because i thought she was a he
  25-Jan-03 10:12 AM Score: 2.5 (4 Votes)
<Krytion> snafu is a crazy bot
<snafu> Krytion, Absolutely yes!
  25-Jan-03 10:13 AM Score: 2.8 (6 Votes)
<halo9> this may hurt a little but its something you'll get used to
  25-Jan-03 10:13 AM Score: 4.3 (4 Votes)
Tonight on Springer
<Cuccy_in_lacrime> My ex friend stole my channel
  25-Jan-03 10:13 AM Score: 2.2 (6 Votes)
<Auzzie-Phoenix> Fine... be that way, dammit... but when you become a mutant tentacle-loving sex fiend, don't come whining to me.
  25-Jan-03 10:14 AM Score: 4.5 (4 Votes)
<Meeki>zombies eat brains.
<Meeki> thank god I dont have one.

Retrieved 248 quotes.
Showing 11 to 20

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