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 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:17 PM Score: 4.0 (1 Votes)
* Ranchiki beats up tentacles to protect aegwyn
<Ranchiki> CLAW STORM!!!
<tentacles> TENTACLE FURY!
<aegwyn> O.O
<tentacles> my tentacle technique will defeat your cute kitty style
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:16 PM Score: 4.0 (1 Votes)
<mousch> We walked down by the river and I saw beavers ^^
<Merle> So,, this was a nude beach type river?
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:16 PM Score: 3.0 (1 Votes)
<Niltsiar> religious debate on IRC is teh suck
<FDSA> Raist, that's because you can't punch your opponant.
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:16 PM Score: 4.0 (2 Votes)
<Raistlin> why do you want to see movie porn? go out and get laid
<BaTTosaI> where.?
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:15 PM Score: 4.5 (2 Votes)
<Ayukawa> tnet.sorrowsoft.com
<Gara> I'm playing with myself.
<Skuld> Playing tnet by yourself?
<Gara> uhm
<Gara> sure, that's what I meant
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:15 PM Score: 4.3 (3 Votes)
<Niltsiar> the church of raistlin is a much simpler religion, and doesn't demand tithes
<mousch> it demans you spend all your time with raistlin and spend that time naked
<DarkFDSA> No wonder there's no women in that religion.
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:15 PM Score: 4.0 (1 Votes)
<Rand> FDSA: You h0!
<M`Hael> I'm not in the mood for games.
<Rand> Yeah.. me either.
<Ayukawa> aw.
* Ayukawa puts Monopoly and Connect 4 back in the closet.
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:14 PM Score: 3.0 (1 Votes)
* tentacles tentacles Raistlin
<tentacles> ...
<tentacles> SWEET GOD NO
* tentacles tentacles Ranchiki
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:14 PM Score: 4.0 (1 Votes)
<blight> first I will describe this next picture.
<blight> It's an anime version of tubgirl... with a furry.
* Yamamaya emails it to herself
 Gara 09-Jan-07 12:13 PM Score: 4.0 (1 Votes)
* AvatarEnd poses with just his pocket protector
<Black_Mage> .....I now must stab my brain with a q-tip
<Black_Mage> akia help me rid myself of that bad mental image ;;
* akia moans orgasmically while posing with shampoo
<Black_Mage> ....okay now I just need some kleenex, thanks :D

Retrieved 248 quotes.
Showing 11 to 20

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