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Project A-ko Review by Gara - DALnet #anime

Project A-ko

Added by Gara on February 13, 2001
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The first OAV of Project A-ko introduces you to A-ko, B-Ko, and C-ko, and their "relationship". I didn't make those names up.


Project A-ko Picture 1 A-ko basically introduces the tale of the bizarre rivalry between A-ko, a super human teenage girl, and B-ko, a super smart-but-bitchy teenage girl, over C-ko, a super annoying teenage girl who is incidentally an incredibly bad cook.

This started in kindergarden. A-ko and C-ko were friends, with B-ko always trying to butt in, and A-ko always saving her. Now as teenagers, B-ko enacts plans to make C-ko her own.

Ok, so you've read that far, and are totally wondering what exactly the hell is up with this anime.

The plot is spoofy. The characters are spoofy. The fighting is spoofy. Everything that can possibly be made fun of is made fun of. Project A-ko is a HILARIOUS anime series, tongue in cheek throughout. A-ko pokes fun at anime itself, exaggerating it to rediculous levels for a total non stop riot.


Project A-ko Picture 2 A-ko is a super human teenager. The origins of her powers are a hilarious spoof that is a joke in itself. However, despite her strength, she can't fly, although she can leap tall buil... err nevermind.

B-Ko is a super genius engineer techie kinda person. Some of the stuff she builds are outrageous. Thankfully, she's also incredible rich it seems.

C-ko is the object of B-Ko's affections, and A-ko's best friend. She's also incredibly whiny and a total crybaby, making you wonder what either A-ko or B-ko see in her.

Most of the other characters change during the series, but characters like D and Mari add a lot of comic relief.


A-ko's animation is pretty standard fare. It doesn't break any new ground, but maintains a high standard throughout.

The explosions are, as could be expected, extremely exaggerated, also lending to the fun feel of the anime. In fact, the fights are so over the top, they out-anime some serious anime fights, with a tremendous scope and excellent action.

Voice Acting

The voice acting is average for a subtitled anime, there isn't much exceptional, except perhaps Mari's voice, which is a riot as well.


A-ko is just a laugh riot, start to finish. Pretty much everything is a joke, and some things you'll have to watch more than once to catch the joke.

The fight scenes are incredible!


Not much not to like! There aren't really any BAD parts of A-ko.

Gara's Project A-ko Review Scores
Story :8/10Animation :8/10
Characters :9/10Voices :7/10
Overall Score 81% : Excellent

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