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Added by Gara on October 21, 2002
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Megatokyo is rocked by the actions of rogue boomers cyborgs. They're too much for the police to handle, who will save the general public?


BubbleGum Crisis Picture 1 The Genom Corporation is a giant force in the world. This super company dominates trade and by extension, has influence on most aspects of life. It wields tremendous power and influence.

Androids called Boomers are running loose, for various reasons. Boomers are a Genom product, and there are several types, but the situation is serious when the military combat Boomers run wild in the streets of Megatokyo.

The Knight Sabers are dedicated to protecting the citizens from these runaway nightmares, and helping out the police in situations they can't handle.

This is a VERY basis scratch on the surface of a plot synopsis. BGC has a complex and richly intertwined plot, slowly exposing or hinting at relations and motivations to paint a detailed tapestry.

The BGC OVA series consists of 8 episodes. Except for episodes 5 and 6, these are more or less independant self contained stories, but each develops the overall series plot as well. I like that the end of each episode is satisfying, and still hooks you into the next.

It is IMPOSSIBLE not to draw powerful comparisons between Blade Runner and Bubblegum Crisis. Indeed, BGC pays a lot of visual and other homages to Blade Runner, from "Priss and the Replicants", to the very shape and size of the Genom Building. The similarities are complimentary. BGC stands well on its own, and like Blade Runner, defines Cyber Punk in its own genre.


BubbleGum Crisis Picture 2 The Knight Sabers consist of:

Sylia Stingray. The leader of the Knight Sabers, and the daughter of the designer of the hard suits. Sylia is mature, driven and disciplined, the solid core for the group. She is the planner and organizer of their missions, and is typically in tactical control of the group.

Priss (Priscilla Asagari) is almost at the other extreme. Priss is a bit of a loose cannon, and she has the attitude to match. It is perhaps fair to say that Sylia is the only thing keeping Priss in check.

Linna Yamazaki is almost as good in combat as Priss. She is extremely agile and has, in my mind, the most unique weapon of the sabers; the distinctive ribbons on her hard suit which she uses to good effect. Linna is glamourous and cheerful.

Nene Romanova works with computers in the AD Police. She is probably the weakest fighter in the Knight Sabers, but she is a more than competent hacker and computer expert. Nene sometimes comes across as innocent to the point of naiivete.

Other important cast include Leon, an inspector with the AD Police who gets involved with the Sabers regularly and his amusing partner, Quincy, the CEO of Genom, Brian Mason, an ambitious executive in Genom, and many more.

There are tons of characters in BGC, most are richly developed. The antagonists are extremely well cast, and equally richly charecterised. BGC has at least one of my favourite villains of all time.


Bubblegum Crisis' animation is a bit dated. It falls somewhere between the "classic" art of the 70s and 80s (Space Battleship Yamoto, Battle of the Planets) and modern heavily CG enhanced animation.

It holds it's own however, and technology designs are excellent and original.

Voice Acting

In general, the voice acting is excellent in the subtitled version. Specifically, during some emotional parts, they draw you into the show with great feeling.

The dub, as is usual for anime, is fairly poor. The show loses a lot in the dubbing.


Finding more small pieces of the large puzzle every time I go over it. The technology designs. The Knight Sabers. That awesome music!


There are times when I actually notice how dated the animation is. But this is very minor when set against the rich plot of the show.

Gara's BubbleGum Crisis Review Scores
Story :9/10Animation :7/10
Characters :10/10Voices :8/10
Overall Score 88% : Instant Classic

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