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Rurouni Kenshin OVA (Samurai X) Review by Gara - DALnet #anime

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Added by Gara on October 22, 2002
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The Rurouni Kenshin OVAs, Trust and Betrayal are a 4 part historically based story set in 19th Century japan, just before the end of the Tokugawa rule.


Rurouni Kenshin OVA (Samurai X) Picture 1 The story begins with Kenshin as a small child name Shinta. We meet Hiko Seijuro shortly as he takes the boy under his wing, gives him the name Kenshin, and teaches him Hiten Mitsurugi, a powerful sword style and philosophy.

Kenshin is eager to save the helpless from the suffering they are going through under the Tokugawa Shogunate, and joins a rebel clan as an assassin. While he takes no pleasure in his job, he considers it a purpose, and he is terrifyingly efficient and merciless. He kills for peace.

He soon meets up with a woman named Tomoe, who treats him kindly, something he almost doesn't understand anymore. The existence of a spy in the ranks of the Choshu clan throws them into turmoil, and Kenshin and Tomoe must flee and hide.


Rurouni Kenshin OVA (Samurai X) Picture 2 Kenshin is the softspoken assassin of the Choshu clan. He is a proficient killer and a terrible force. Kenshin is torn between his desire to facilitate change, and the seemingly endless trail of corpses he leaves behind him.

Tomoe Yukishiro enters Kenshin's life through a coincedence, but her caring begins to open his eyes to both his own nature and the nature of others that he has forgotten.

Katsura Kogoro leads the Choshu clan, and is dedicated to fighting the Shogunate. He is an honourable man, and it is he who recruits Kenshin to fight and kill.

Takasugi hated the opression caused by the Tokugawa and with Katsura, built the Kihei-Tai, the army dedicated to defeating the Shogunate. He is ill with tubercolosis, but dedicated to his cause.

The Shogunate's men include Saito, who commanded the Bakufu army and Kondo, the leader of the Shinsen Gumi, a feared group of warriors who supressed any resistance to the Shogunate.


Kenshin is above average visually, but two things set it apart brilliantly.

The backgrounds and scenery are fantastic. They set the various locations with clarity and a feeling of authenticity.

The other thing is the subtlety of facial expression. I found myself focusing on minor details, particularly in the eyes.

Voice Acting

The voice acting was pretty good, and believable. It didn't blow me away for the most part, but it should be noted that a lot of the speech was quiet and subdued, as was probably proper in the time.

The voices are engaging.


Kenshin's personal struggle is the center of the show, and it is fascinating. His sword skills seem almost incidental at times, and it makes overall for a well told story, and the historical basis adds richness.


I can't say I can think of anything in Kenshin which actually bothered me. The show was all round excellent.

Gara's Rurouni Kenshin OVA (Samurai X) Review Scores
Story :10/10Animation :9/10
Characters :9/10Voices :8/10
Overall Score 91% : Instant Classic

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Driv Excellent review and Excellent OVA 01/10/03 01:04:32
Bunny HOLY CRAP 02/06/03 11:56:41
andrew it's all right 03/17/03 12:16:38
Galatea Priss I like it very much !!!!! 04/04/03 04:41:50
shadowedge great anime to watch! 04/08/03 01:27:51
zordac not as good as most of the others 04/12/03 02:45:40
Jay Most Excellent! 04/18/03 02:58:50
mike awesome review 04/22/03 03:55:05
Kenshin Samurai X 05/09/03 12:15:09
carter the coolest! 06/08/03 12:04:52
Lithia Your wrong. 07/05/03 01:58:39
Jenifer kenshin i love u!!!! 08/26/03 05:33:57
magus....? SWEET MOTHER OF ALBATROS! 08/29/03 08:01:09
Hitokiri Battousai Sign of the Assassin 09/03/03 08:06:36
marlon kenshin the naive man 09/28/03 11:32:57
Seeforkaboom UNBELIEVABLE 10/05/03 05:38:36
Chaos Excellent! Two thumbs up! 11/02/03 07:21:46
Fox Bang On! 11/10/03 10:39:07
suziQ best movie EVER 11/11/03 07:06:53
GD Great FIlm 11/15/03 02:18:35
Jokermann Short of a better word - PERFECT 11/28/03 11:17:09
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