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Added by Tsuki on November 13, 2002
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The Future of RPG's could be an amazing thing, but what happens if something doesn't go the way it was intended?


.hack//sign Picture 1 An Interface, A Game, A World. The World. A game designed to put you fully into the world you're playing in. But what happens when you can't log out?
Tsukasa can't recall much about outside "The World" and cannot log out, and can't seem to find a reason for either to be happening. after being seen with a Player Model that doesn't exist and shouldn't be in the game, he's the subject of much interest from the other players and the moderators. in his search to be left alone Tsukasa runs across many things that make it seem "The World" isn't all it seems to be.


.hack//sign Picture 2 Tsukasa is a mage who finds that he can't log out of the game one day. All he seems to want is to be left alone, but he's getting alot of attention
from what he's doing and what has been happening to him, both the good and bad.

Mimiru is the swordswoman slash possible friend who seems to want nothing other than getting to the bottom of whats going on and why Tsukasa is
so much of a loner.

The warrior Bear, who wants a little to do with this as possible yet still wants to know what the problem is.

Subaru the Moderator/semi-godess is revered by most of the players, but is more of a formal person, sticking very closely to the rules and insists everyone else do the same

Kinkan leads the Scarlet Knights, the main form of "authority" in The World even if unofficial. he appears to worship Subaru and is very against anyone who seems to show much interest in her.

BT the sorceress wants nothing beyond the realm of the material. hunting for treasure and items while scoffing at anyone who insists that such a course of action alone is pointless

Sora likes to "kill" the other players for sport after harassing them for a while, his latest target is BT who he delights in annoying. a true bully in every sense of the word.

Maho is the trigger to it all after he talks to Tsukasa, and while others have seen him, he never talks to anyone but Tsukasa. very little else is known.


clean, crisp cel work are the staple of this anime. while not overly detailed it is nicely done.

Voice Acting

somehow or another, they manage to draw you in with the way they speak. And while not being overly dramatic, make it seem almost like they're really existing as if is was their everyday life.


the animation is beautiful, the musical tracks are touching, and the moods are impacting. it'll hook you and never let go.


there are points where it just seems to drag on about nothing for a while.

Tsuki's .hack//sign Review Scores
Story :9/10Animation :9/10
Characters :8/10Voices :8/10
Overall Score 85% : Instant Classic

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Alexi Ra The review is very good, and fair. 11/21/02 02:58:25
Buncha Laohapanich Worthy 04/20/03 04:06:00
BJ the review is not descriptive enuff 05/08/03 06:03:14
Jeff Imaginary World 07/17/03 08:36:32
Judah Misleading review 08/02/03 03:02:25
Yilei A show for MMORPG players 10/20/03 03:02:16
NIck Dragin HACK SIGN SUCKS!!! 12/07/03 01:10:59
Happy Twinblade *bows to the almighty Sora* 12/28/03 08:35:37
Soragirl!!! good review great show 01/26/04 10:58:10
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