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Laputa: Castle in the Sky Review by calf - DALnet #anime

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Added by calf on April 20, 2003
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A beautiful timeless story about a strange girl who holds the key to a lost city.


Laputa: Castle in the Sky Picture 1 A mysterious girl falls from the sky into the arms of a boy. She carries with her the key to an ancient hidden city in the clouds and the knowledge of how to control it. She is being chased by the government who wants the power of the city, and by pirates who want the treasure, and grows close with the boy trying to save her.


Laputa: Castle in the Sky Picture 2 Sheeta - The mysterious girl with the strange power who just can't outrun those who wish to capture her and use her.

Pazu - The kindhearted loyal boy who risks his life to protect Sheeta and keep her safe.

Dola - The leader of the pirates, their mother. A strong woman who takes charge and doesn't mess around. She has a hidden soft spot for Sheeta and Pazu.

Muska - The government man who seems to be working against the army and holds a secret and a hidden motive to want Sheeta and her power.


The animation is beautiful. This film was made in 1985 so the style is older, but the sprawling landscapes and beautiful details surpass what is found in most modern anime. This movie lives up to the reputation for beauty that Miyazaki films hold.

Voice Acting

I have only seen this movie subbed, so I can't speak for the English version, but the voice acting I heard was wonderful, especially for Pazu. You can hear all the joy, panic, deperation, and courage in his voice and really get a feeling for him.


The story is a fantastic adventure and the city itself is just beautiful. The gardens and upper city especially. I don't want to give anything away, but the animation of the city just made me wish a place like that truely existed because it is so magnificent. Also, the robots of the city. You actually end up caring about them and feeling sad when they are hurt. The have no facial expressions, yet express such emotion. It's fantastic!


I can't think of anything I disliked about this movie.

calf's Laputa: Castle in the Sky Review Scores
Story :9/10Animation :9/10
Characters :9/10Voices :9/10
Overall Score 90% : Instant Classic

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