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Detective Conan (Meitantei Conan) Review by ShinTao - DALnet #anime

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Added by ShinTao on November 15, 2003
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I think it is just another kind of anime. Every episode is exciting and has its own storyline.
This anime is ideally for people, who can't turn the TV on, every day :P


Detective Conan (Meitantei Conan) Picture 1 The 17 year old pupil Shinichi Kudô, son of the worldwide famous crime-book author Yusako Kudô, admires the novel character 'Sherlock Holmes' (of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle). This is good help for his part time job as a junior detective. Shinichi used his ability to combine details and his precise memory to become one of Tokyo's most famous detectives, but one day as he became an involuntary witness of a delivery, he got shrunk down by two mysterious men in black, called Gin and Vodka. These two men gave him a not-fully-developed poison and after he woke up, he found his body had shrunk to the size of an infant. With the support of Prof. Agasa, a ingenious/eccentric inventor and also his neighbor, he got another identity, Conan Edogawa (Conan = Sir Arthur CONAN Doyle; Edogawa = Name of a famous japanese horror author). Now he is determined to use his new identity to find out about the organization 'Black Rose', which shrunk his body. This organization is international and has many underground locations. Meanwhile Shinichi is living in the dwelling of his girlfriend, Ran Mori. Ran's father, Kogoro Mori, is an unsuccessful private detective and his career has been going further downhill. For awhile he was a policeman, but has been suspended, after he involuntarily shot his own wife, an attorney.
After Conan solves a murder, he stuns Kogoro by imitating his voice to communicate with the others so that his 'uncle', Kogoro gets all the fame.
Finally he meets Kaito Kid a master thief and Conan's oold enemy, who's leaving behind amusing messages after a robbery. Nobody can decode these messages, except Conan himself.

In the end Conan meets Ai Haibard, the inventor of the poison. She took the poison to hide it from the 'Black Rose' and together they are searching for a remedy.


Detective Conan (Meitantei Conan) Picture 2 Shinichi Kudô is a 17 year old pupil who is interested in Sherlock Holmes novels. He has a strong character and is above average for his age. Through his attention to detail and his precise memory he is getting more and more famous in Tokyo, until one day he 'shrunk' to Conan Edogawa.

Ran Mori is more or less (not directly) the girlfriend of Shinichi Kudô. She is very concerned about Shinichi and is worried about her father and Conan later on in the show.

Kogoro Mori is Ran's father and a non-successful private detective. After he allowed Ran to take up Conan, he is getting more and more successful.
In truth, Conan is solving all murders and imitating Kogoro's voice after stunning him.

The 'Detective Boys' are some of Conan's classmates, who are solving trouble etc.
Later Ai becomes a member of the 'Detective Boys', too.


The picture quality is very good. This anime has an own style - you can't find something like this in another anime.

Voice Acting

I am just able to describe the voice for the german translation, which is not perfect but is generally very good :P


This anime is very unique and varies from the storyline of typical anime, and I think these are some of the reasons why it has become famous in all over the world.


Every episode has the same pattern: Conan is solving the murder and is amazing one of the people around him. Most of the time, that person is Kogoro Mori.

ShinTao's Detective Conan (Meitantei Conan) Review Scores
Story :9/10Animation :8/10
Characters :9/10Voices :7/10
Overall Score 85% : Instant Classic

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yosuke best anime 05/06/04 07:10:10
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bheverly Detective conan 08/09/10 10:21:05
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