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Bubblegum Crisis OAV Review by LordMorpheus - DALnet #anime

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Added by LordMorpheus on February 17, 2001
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This anime is great for both men and women. For the ladies it has a very strong female role. In which the women repeatedly show up the male dominated police force. For the guys.... What can I say? It has chicks in tight fitting high tech battle armour blowing things up.


Bubblegum Crisis OAV Picture 1 Bubblegum Crisis follow the escapades of Knight Sabers. High Tech vigilantes battling Boomers, androids built by a company named Genom ranging from things such as house maids to soldiers. Unfortunately the Boomers are not always nice. When one goes berserk and begins destroying teh city of Megatokyo. The Knight Sabers appear to wipe the floor with it. While showing up the AD(Advanced) Police, a police force designed solely to deal with berserk Boomers, in the process.


Bubblegum Crisis OAV Picture 2 The Knight Sabers include: Sylia Stingray, the Leader and by day owner of Silky Dolls, a lingere store. Priss Asagari, the brute of the group, and by day the singer of the bar band Priss and the Replicants. Nene Romanova, the computer expert of the group, she might not be the best at fighting but she can hack with the best of 'em, by day she's a desk jockey at the ADP Station. And finally Linna Yamazaki, a second fighter but its her agility and grace that give her an edge in battle unlike Priss's brute strength, by day she's an aerobics instructor.

Supporting characters include:

Dr. Raven, a mechanic in the slums but also a genius that is always ready to give a hand to the Knight Sabers in building and repairing their equipement, Just don't call him Pops, he hates that

Mackie Stingray, Sylia's kid brother, a computer genius in his own right, and like Raven, helps out his sister and her friends in designing, building, and maintaining the equipement.

Leon McNichol, he's an ADP Officer and damn good at his job, He's about the best there is although he does have his character flaws. He's so lecherous he brings bad pick up lines to an art form.

And then theres the best...
Brian J Mason, the ultimate villian, he may only be second in command in the global conglomerate known as Genom, but he's behind every dirty deed to ever go through that company.


The animation in this is typical Kenichi Sonoda, who I personally revere as master of the craft. His designs are in some accounts typical of anime and yet possess a uniquness that labels it "Sonoda"

Voice Acting

The voice casting has great everyone seemed to have the perfect voice. Although the dub was little to be desired, and the translation in teh dub was HORRIBLE!!!! Never under any circumstances watch it dubbed. Subbed on the other hand you will be very pleased with.


I loved everything about the anime but I think one of the best parts was the music. THe music was simply fantastic.


The dubbing of it sucks horribly. Thats about it

LordMorpheus's Bubblegum Crisis OAV Review Scores
Story :9/10Animation :8/10
Characters :10/10Voices :8/10
Overall Score 90% : Instant Classic

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