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Added by Bfitch on February 19, 2001
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Love hina is about Urashima, Keitaro. A three year Ronin trying to get in to Tokyo U. Keitaro becomes a manager of an all female dormatory called Hinata Inn.
(Ronin a person trying to get in to college.)


Keitaro is a 3 year Ronin trying to get into Tokyo U. When he was younger he made a promise to a girl to meet her at Tokyo U. The only thing is that he can't remember the name or the face of the girl he made the promise to. While trying to get into Tokyo U he meets another girl Naru who he quickly falls in love with. Now Keitaro is dealt with the problem of who to go to Tokyo U with... the promised girl or Naru.


Urashima Keitaro: A pathetic 3 year Ronin trying to get into Tokyo U, to keep his promise to the girl he loves.

Naru: Also a Ronin trying to get into Tokyo U. Her main reason to got to Tokyo U is to be with Seta-san. That all changes when Naru meets Keitaro.

Seta-san: Former tutor of Naru. Now an archeologist working at Tokyo U after a 2 year trip around the world.

Mutsume Otohime: Also a 3 year Ronin trying into Tokyo U. Her reasons are strangely the same as Keitaro's.


It's up to todays standard of Anime. Big eyes and beautiful back grounds.

Voice Acting

The voice acting in the series is good. All the character had good emotion when they talked.


I liked alot of things about Love hina. The story line goes into each of the characters past and show the problem they have to deal with. Each charater has there own unique situation while showing lots of emotion. Also the music is really, really good.


The things I don't like: I don't like how Keitaro is always getting hit by Naru. Most of it is justified but gets old and repetitive. You'll see what I mean when you watch the series. The only other thing is that Keitaro is too pathetic for some people to enjoy, but not most.

Bfitch's Love Hina Review Scores
Story :9/10Animation :8/10
Characters :10/10Voices :8/10
Overall Score 90% : Instant Classic

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