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Added by Tsuki on March 06, 2001
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Futuristic cities full of humanoid androids where one can't be entirely too sure they'll avoid the seemingly incessant boomer rampages.


BubbleGum Crisis Picture 1 The series begins in MegaTokyo of the year 2032, where much of the city has recently been destroyed by the second great Kanto earthquake of 2025. In
the process of rebuilding the city, the Genom corporation has become a major world power, due to its introduction of boomers. Boomer technology is essentially a combination of robotics, cybernetics and artificial intelligence in human form, pioneered by Doctor Katsuhito Stingray. Doctor Stingray was
killed in a lab accident shortly after initial development was completed, but Genom has continued work on his brainchild, and boomers are now a major
segment of the worldwide manual labour and military hardware market.

Boomers are quite obviously inspired by the replicants from the movie Bladerunner, and the series has many
direct references to both Bladerunner and a number of other western entertainment icons. Noteworthy among
these are some subtle (and not-so-subtle) animator's jokes and recurring arguments among fans as to whether
or not Sylia is a boomer.

The above is the official, surface description of life in the 2030s. In reality, Genom is far from the saviour
of the world that they would project themselves to be.
Genom's development of military boomers, and their continuing program of controlling the global economy and
government poses a threat to the very future of humanity.

In response, Doctor Stingray's daughter, Sylia, formed the Knight Sabers to resist their plans in ways that the police and world governments could not.

Androids more human than humans, firepower strong enough to take out large countries, companies dedicated to
controlling all economic holdings on the planet, and 4 women out to keep it all in check. And maybe make a little cash on the side. Good Stuff(TM)


BubbleGum Crisis Picture 2 Sylia (or Celia to some) is the leader of the Knight Sabers. The daughter of Katsuhito, she has continued her father's research, and is responsible for the development of the
hardsuits. She tends to be very reserved (some would call her an ice queen) but agonizes in private over what she is doing to the other Sabers in her mission against Genom.

Priss is the strongest fighter of the Sabers, usually fighting with little concern for her own life, just for
the joy of killing boomers. She is generally antisocial and anti-authoritarian, but she cares deeply for those few she considers her friends

Linna is the athlete of the Sabers; not as strong as Priss, she is a far better technical fighter, and thanks to years
of dance training, her agility is second to none. She is the most social of the Sabers, with a new boyfriend almost every week. Often she comes across as superficial, concerned
only with clothes, her car, and money.

Nene is the Sabers' hacker and communications specialist. She also works for the ADP as a data entry clerk, which gives Sylia an inside line on police files. Nene is actually
only in her middle-late teens, but has faked her age in enough files that she is officially old enough to be working
for the ADP. Not much of a fighter, as her hardsuit is occupied mostly by electronic gear, she tends to get beat up in one-on-one fights, and gets teased by Priss and Linna as
a result.

The occasional apperance of ADP Lt. Leon McNichol and his "sidekick" ADP officer Daley Wong lends to a large chunk of the humor in the series.

GENOM CEO Quincy along with his aide Kate Madigan, and Executive Brian Meison, give you most of the Bad Guy
character set.

Irene, her Sister Reika (Vision), various ADP personnel and the assorted friends and family of quite a few of the
characters round out the storyline nicely.


Animation is great for when it came out, even if my set is the DVD's. And while the quality isn't "superb" it is rather good when compared next to animes like Tenchi Muyo! in love.

Voice Acting

Most of the voices from both the Dub and Sub versions fit almost perfectly, with few complaints from me, and the translations were near exact as far as I could tell.


Graphic, but not TOO dark, definite cyberpunk feel to it. Storyline wasn't too contrived, or boring. I really got into it. overall, I like it :)


There's a few plot holes here and there, I doubt there's much else I didn't like.

Tsuki's BubbleGum Crisis Review Scores
Story :9/10Animation :10/10
Characters :9/10Voices :9/10
Overall Score 91% : Instant Classic

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