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Black Magic M-66 Review by Auzzie-Phoenix - DALnet #anime

Black Magic M-66


The anime is decent... It is a classic, though. I like it.


Black Magic M-66 Picture 1 In the future, an accident occurs while transporting a secret military weapon...

This weapon is the Anti-Personnel robot, M-66. It's goal... to seek out and destroy its creator's granddaughter.

The military tries every attempt to stop its toy, but in the end, it's all up to one person... a reporter by the name of Sybil.


Black Magic M-66 Picture 2 Sybil(or another spelling)- qualifies for military work, if she gets out of the reporting business... very committed.

Ferris- granddaughter of Prof. Matthews, target of robot gone haywire. Kind of naive.

Prof. Matthews- dedicated to 2 things... science, and his granddaughter.

Commander- military leader, not very talkative... dedicated to his squad.


Visual quality is older style, not as refined as some anime titles, such as Armitage III, but the artwork is still pretty decent.

Voice Acting

English Dub:

Voice acting, above average, but still is an example of it's era. (1980's)


Lots of destruction interesting action scenes, and foul language.


Length of video (too short), character acting not very good.

Auzzie-Phoenix's Black Magic M-66 Review Scores
Story :8/10Animation :7/10
Characters :7/10Voices :7/10
Overall Score 73% : Great

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Takun Black Magic M-66 01/04/02 12:58:00
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