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Added by Ayukawa on April 06, 2001
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I picked this tape up because I'd seen some reviews for it in Animerica, and it sounded pretty good. There are two volumes of it, and I only bothered to watch the first one. It was a waste of money.


End of Summer Picture 1 The plot is rather simple. A high school student Wataru wants to "make a beautiful summer memory" with a girl named Mai. In the process he starts getting side tracked with other girls. That's the plot, but the anime has a horrible way of following it.


Wataru - Dumbass pervert of the world. He has one thing in mind. Getting some. Enough said about this guy.

Mai - The girl of Wataru's dreams. Unfortunately for him, she doesn't appear to be too interested.

Misa - Your standard anime tomboy (Akane from Ranma?) She hates Wataru, and proves it by having sex with him. Go figure.

Satomi - She never seemed to like Wataru either, until they just went and had sex for some reason.

There of course, are a few other characters who serve nothing but to complicate the horrible storyline.


Okay, the animation wasn't too bad. Everything was well drawn and looked really good to me. If you're looking for an anime based on visuals alone, you might enjoy this.

Voice Acting

They guys sound like idiots, and the girls all whine. This anime is best viewed with the mute button. The two sex scenes.. God, too horrible to even describe.


Like I said, the animation is pretty decent. That's about it.


Everything else. Story is all but nonexistant, the characters are annoying, etc. The only reedeming quality would be the sex-scenes, except well... They're horrible. Absolutely bad. If you want an H title, pick something else up. Avoid this anime if you can.

Ayukawa's End of Summer Review Scores
Story :1/10Animation :7/10
Characters :2/10Voices :1/10
Overall Score 23% : An Atrocity

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