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Added by Gara on April 06, 2001
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Armitage III takes place on Mars, post colonization. Robotics is a fact of life, but humans fear and resent the robots for replacing them.


Armitage III (Movie) Picture 1 The story of Armitage III follows Naomi Armitage and Ross Sylibus as they become partners in the Mars police.

The year is 2179. Mars is fully colonized, and populated by humans, and Second Type robots, designed to perform the tasks humans won't do. The humans fear and hate robots, hating their inhumanity, and the fact that they do their jobs, and replace the need for humans. (Nothing new, plot wise)

Then there are the third type robots. Unknown to the vast majority of the population, suddenly their existence is shockingly unveiled by Rene D'anclaude, who has decided to wage a war on them, and the robophobia on Mars grows to fever pitch.

Ross and Armitage always seem to be one step behind D'anclaude, following a bizarre trail that eventually leads them both to question their own individual humanity.

Armitage asks some of the more profound questions of the potential for artificial intelligence posed by many great science fiction writers.


Armitage III (Movie) Picture 2 Naomi Armitage is an unorthodox police officer, who looks like a small girl, but packs a dangerous attitude and a lot of spunk. Armitage sypathizes with the robots, and fights the hatred they are shown.

Ross Sylibus comes to Mars from the earth police force, transferred to get away from memories on earth, scarred by robots there.

Rene D'anclaud appears to be a raving psychotic megalomaniac, infecting the populace of mars with his intense hatred of the third type robots.


The DVD re-release of the Armitage movie is FANTASTIC. The visuals are crystal clear, and the art direction and style are first rate.

The city scape of Mars is brilliantly and vibrantly rendered, and all characters display excellent emotion, without resorting to certain common anime "tricks". (Such as the exaggerated long face and sweatdrop.)

Weapon, Robot, Mecha and Vehicle designs are all also well done, although pretty typical of cyperpunk futuristic anime.

Voice Acting

Unfortunately, the re-release of Armitage on DVD, with it's brilliant THX sound, is only available dubbed in english, subtitled in Japanese.

Kiefer Sutherland plays Ross Sylibus, and in my opinion, does only a mediocre job, failing utterly to capture any emotion from him. This may be in fact in keeping with Ross' personality, but it makes him seem very dry.

Elizabeth Berkley does a much better job with Armitage, giving an excellent range of emotion to the spunky cop and bringing her to life effectively.


THX sound! High resolution wide screen format! Excellent release, overall.


Kiefer's mediocre voice acting is the only real downer in Armitage.

Gara's Armitage III (Movie) Review Scores
Story :8/10Animation :10/10
Characters :9/10Voices :7/10
Overall Score 85% : Instant Classic

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