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Added by supersteve00 on June 30, 2001
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All comments in thie review are directed at Card Captor Sakura not to be confused with CardCaptors as shown on WB where everything is different.

CCS is a just an over all good series to watch if you want to enjoy the lighter side of life.


Card Captor Sakura Picture 1 We start with Sakura and 11 yearold girl wondering into her father library and discovering a book named The Clow. When she opens it she unleashes magical cards capable of disturbing and destroying just about anything they come in contact with. Also unleashed is Keros-Beros the guardian of The Clow who is appointed to guard the cards(good job Kero). He informs Sakura she is now a CardCaptor and must capture them all back. In episodes to come Li Syaoran will enter the story. Also being 11 the Clow was created by his ancestor Clow Reed and he thinks the cards belong to him and back in his family Sakura has different thoughts and thus is the birth of a rival.


Card Captor Sakura Picture 2 Okay here it goes, Sakuras 11 shes a the main character whose best friend is Tomoyo and cousin. Tomoyo is in love with Sakura while Sakura is in love with Yui her older brothers best friend. Yui is doing stuff with Sakuras older brother. Also attracted to Yui is Li Syaoran Lis from Hong Kong and attracted to Yui's magic and is in love with him Following Li from Hong Kong is Mei Lin. Shes in love with Li as well while Li is also in love with Sakura and Sakura falls in love with Li in the movies. Clow Reed the creator of the Clow Cards is long dead but half of him is reincarnated into Sakuras father. The other Half is a young boy named Eriol. Then theres Keros-Beros, hes in love with no one he just eats a lot. There are other things going on here that are obvious but not important, so I wont mention them.


Not really your run of the mill art I suppose. It falls in line with standerd Clamp art I guess, big eyes small mouths and almost no nose but in any event its got awsome character design.

Voice Acting

I love the dub versions. I hear that the french and malaysian ones are extremely annoying wich has turned some people away from ccs but as far as the amercan and sub go you cant really ask for more.


Character design and fight scenes. Once she collects enough cards to where she has a variety she does some pretty cool things with them.


Theres this character named Mei-Lin who isnt around enough to explain but shes really annoying and contributes little to the series other then an american Serena (sailor moon). Whining loud and extremely annoying.

supersteve00's Card Captor Sakura Review Scores
Story :7/10Animation :10/10
Characters :9/10Voices :9/10
Overall Score 85% : Instant Classic

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