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Battle Angel Review by supersteve00 - DALnet #anime

Battle Angel


A beautifuly told story about how we all want the unatainable in life and how some take it to the max, and how that yearning for what is out of reach effects people around you.


Battle Angel Picture 1 Its the story of a cyborg girl named gally whose creator, Ido, comes from a floating "palace" named Zalem. Gally finds herself wanting to become a Hunter/Warrior (bounty hunter), while also meeting a young man who is hell bent on going to Zalem(Zalem being some type of palace that everyone wants into but few ever make it). Ido on the other hand meets up with an old freind that quickly turns into a rival making for some extremely good anime.


Battle Angel Picture 2 Gally, as I said is a cyborg girl who goes from looking to find who she is inside (besides freaking wires and metal), to trying to hang on to what she loves. Ido is a scientific master mind who is kind-hearted and willing to help all. He hides a small secret in the movie which doesnt take to long to discover.


The art in this movie was just done beautifully. Every character stands out and the fight scenes were nothing short of amazing to watch.

Voice Acting

I have yet to see the dub version but as far as the sub goes the voice acting was awsome. There was not one voice in there that made me want to jump off a roof. Impressive..


There was nothing about this I didnt like. It is easily one of the best animes Ive ever seen.


If i had to pick something it would be what happens at the end, you'll learn when you get there..

supersteve00's Battle Angel Review Scores
Story :10/10Animation :10/10
Characters :10/10Voices :10/10
Overall Score 100% : BUY THIS NOW!

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WipE| Is there any better anime than this one 06/16/01 10:04:56
NiCole If you have ever read the manga... 06/22/01 10:37:52
Misu Not 100%... 12/13/01 12:01:55
Dark_Koga This anime is blah-ish 01/03/04 02:44:24
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