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Added by Ayukawa on June 08, 2001
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An "animated horror classic". Hah. Over-used story, bland characters, mediocre animation.


Vampire Hunter D Picture 1 D, a vampire hunter has come across a woman begging for him to kill a Count for her. In exchange, she offers a place to live, food, and her body. He accepts the first two of the three, and begins his quest.

Really, there's nothing too new here, in my opinion.


Vampire Hunter D Picture 2 D - A vampire hunter. He doesn't talk much, turns away advances from the leading female character, and reminded me too much of Squall from FF8, to even come close to liking him.

D's Hand - The coolest part of the anime. Preety sad, actually. It was a hand with a mouth that could talk. Yeesh.

Doris - The lead female who was bitten by Count Magus Lee. I guess she was pretty cool, but she was a bit on the free side with her body.


Ick. I found the graphics to be reminiscient of an old video game. It was too dark at times, and the quality left a lot to be desired. Hopefully the remake will be a lot better, but the original VHD didn't do anything for me.

Voice Acting

The voice acting was good, but I found the dialog to be a bit simple. I think it could've been done a lot better.


At times, it got interesting. The with the severed hand was kinda neat.


I watched this anime, and couldn't wait for it to be over with. I've seen much better anime, and I can't think of anything that VHD does that Miyu doesn't do about ten times better.

Ayukawa's Vampire Hunter D Review Scores
Story :5/10Animation :4/10
Characters :5/10Voices :6/10
Overall Score 50% : Average

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SuperSteve00 WRONG 06/18/01 11:57:27
Meeki A little harsh dood. 06/19/01 12:23:27
NiCole I remember Saturday Anime.... 06/22/01 10:45:02
Gara Back in the day... 06/27/01 08:52:15
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