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One of the greats. Akira was front line and one of the biggest effects on americans and anime. It showed what those of us who werent already into anime what we were missing. Akira was a instant classic the second it hit the shelves.


Akira Picture 1 The story follows an explosion in Neo Tokyo that people believe to be a nuclear attack but was really the effect of a power named Akira. It follows a specific group of boys after Neo Tokyo has been dusted to biker gangs the boys being one themselves rival with another named the Clowns. One of them named Tetsuo, the runt and brunt of all the jokes in the group ends up in a accident during one of there gang wars and is taken off to a military base where they decide to do some experiments on him releasing something they thought wasnt so good later on. Kaneda is one of Tetsuo's fellow bikers and really his only friend. Kaneda trys is his damdest to help Tetsuo but fails. Tetsuo becomes overwhelmed with a sense of control having a powered unleashed by the experiments he isolates himself from everyone else and goes mad crazy. Add some terrorist, an unstable goverment and enjoy.


Akira Picture 2 Tetsuo like I said, is the runt of the group. He's always been the small one and therefore he gets the load of the jokes. It seemingly fits the smaller ones always catch the most flak. He becomes mentally unstable and the abuse contributes largely to it.
Kaneda is a good guy he just a bit of a goof at times. He is protective of his friends but he to is critical of Tetsuo at times.


Simply the best. You will see very few shows animated, anime or american that will come close to reaching Akiras level in animation. The characters actually took on a life of there own from the animation alone with each on perfectly drawn to its personality. You will see nothing and I promise you that in this show that will make you think otherwise.

Voice Acting

I never have seen the subs but I hear its just as satisfying to watch them as it is the dub(wich i would hope so) The dubs as far as Im concerned rock.


Everything. I suggest for everyone who has still yet to see this, god forbid that be true. Go rent it and enjoy what most everyone else already has.


I've spent long enough trying to think of something to put in here but theres really nothing. Tune ups I would suppose on things wich I would assume the dvd will clean up. But theres not a lot to say was wrong with this movie

supersteve00's Akira Review Scores
Story :9/10Animation :10/10
Characters :9/10Voices :9/10
Overall Score 91% : Instant Classic

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Gre| ok review but........ 06/25/01 11:30:34
Misu This needs some serious work. 12/13/01 12:07:01
Kakohrononahi at least this review is closer to reality.... 09/07/03 12:50:58
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