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Battle Arena Toshinden Review by supersteve00 - DALnet #anime

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First of all I've searched everywhere trying to find out if there's more to this then what I saw. If there isn't this was a serious let down. My girl friend lent me two volumes of this. Its kinda hard to say exactly how it all starts.. volume 1 seems to pick up in the middle of what could possibly be a good series, at least it seems that it could be tolerable. Ive gathered that there's a handful of people who are in a Toshindan Tourement.(some mortal kombat deal)


Battle Arena Toshinden Picture 1 Well we've got a crazed chick who is experimenting creating a warrior who can tell what other fighers are going to do before they attack enabling them to defeat their opponents rather easily. Agee is the center of this since his brother was the first one to be experimented on and is running around slaughtering Toshinden warriors. Agee teams up with an old friend and attempts to hunt down his brother(they dont know it his brother by the way) to put a stop to the mAdNeSs. In the process one of the warriors daughters gets injected with a poison and the only known vaccine is being held by the Orginization that is creating the Toshinden slaughtering f00l. Agee and his friend spazz head to get the vaccine... this is where we see the other Toshiden warriors, they come out of nowhere and have no story to go with them. If this would of explained things a little more I could of reviewed it better but Im still confused as to what the hell happened.


Battle Arena Toshinden Picture 2 They weren't really explained that well. I mean Agee seems to be the only one I got any information on. His brother is hacking people and Toshinden warriors up and also took out his friend's father. He has various dreams of him and his brother dueling but it never happens. No one else was explained. Very poorly done. =(


The animation was good. Somewhat similar to that of Street Fighter and Tekken. Skimpy dressed big-busted chicks and shirts muscle bulked guys who pound on each other. If you look for something at least tolerable about this anime it will be the art.

Voice Acting

Hmmmm, it was like watching some random cartoon on wb or cartoon network. Nothing spectacular and I dont plan on wasting my time even attempting to find the subs.


Errrr, art I guess. I kinda have to put something here and I dont want to bad mouth the show completely. Decent fight scenes and alright art.


Everything. I really do wish I have seen OVA's that just suck and there is a decent series of this. I still, despite the bad episodes that I saw, have high hopes for this series. It has potential hopefully it's delivered and I'm just not aware of it.

supersteve00's Battle Arena Toshinden Review Scores
Story :2/10Animation :4/10
Characters :1/10Voices :2/10
Overall Score 20% : An Atrocity

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