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Dominion Tank Police Review by Gara - DALnet #anime

Dominion Tank Police

Added by Gara on June 25, 2001
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Dominion Tank Police is a ride through future of Newport City, where heavy artillery has become the domain of the cops!


Dominion Tank Police Picture 1 In a city where a violent crime is committed every 36 seconds, the Tank Police are there to prevent it becoming a new crime every 35 seconds. These are the guys SWAT call when they're in trouble!

However, life is not all glamour and tanks for the tank police. Under fire from the Mayor for excessive force (duh, tanks in the city?!) and under pressure from the cheif to get results, the Tank Police have a hard time doing their job against Buaku and his gang.

Leona Ozaki transfers into the man's world of the tank police, and has to fight constantly with Squad Commander Britain for recognition as a valuable member of the tank police.

While Tank Police is primarily a comedy, there are some more serious moments during the 4 episodes as Buaku turns out to be more than just a violent psychopath.


Dominion Tank Police Picture 2 Leona Ozaki is a new transfer into the Tank Police, a woman is a man's world, who fights to get recognition from her chief.

Squad Commander Britain is the ultra macho tough guy leader of the Tank Police. Just the right attitude for leading a platoon of tanks onto city streets!

Buaku is the leader of a gang of criminals that the tank police are after for robbery and generally making them look like idiots.

Annapuna and Unipuma are the cat girl twins in Buaku's gang. They're a fun loving pair of gun wielding kittys!

The Red Commandos enter the show later on, a psychotic band of cold blooded, single minded mercenarys.


The art and animation are excellent, although somewhat dated by todays standard.

Voice Acting

The voice acting is above average, although not particularly amazing. One of the strange things about the sound tracks is that the Japanese and English tracks have comletely different music. Hard to say if one is better than the other, but it's kinda strange, almost like watching separate movies.


The tanks! Bonaparte! (Although at first look he's a bit weird) The cat twins!


Nothing major. The episodes shouldn't be taken too seriously, and it's hard to poke too many plot holes into something that's mostly so light hearted.

Gara's Dominion Tank Police Review Scores
Story :7/10Animation :8/10
Characters :10/10Voices :7/10
Overall Score 81% : Excellent

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