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Street Fighter II Animated Movie Review by Gara - DALnet #anime

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Added by Gara on June 26, 2001
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Ah, more street fighter stories! This animated movie is among the best of them.


Street Fighter II Animated Movie Picture 1 96 fiery minutes of fun with familiar friends for fans of the phenomenal fighting game! (Say that 10 times fast)

While the story might be a bit thin, the animated movie is a non-stop action packed beat 'em up fest, and really captures the spirit of the game. That's not to say the story is non-existent. This offering has one of the best rendering of Bison seen on a screen, and the heart of Ken and Ryu are well translated.

Capcom seems to have an obsession with showing all of their characters. It's actually pretty annoying. We could have done without seeing Zangief and Blanka if they weren't being used to advance the show. (They aren't, although the fight is fun.)

All in all the story is fast paced, and action packed.


Street Fighter II Animated Movie Picture 2 Do I really have to explain them to anyone who would potentionally watch this? :)

Ryu, the shotokan martial artists, wandering the world to test his skills.

Ken, his dojo partner, super rich american, and fast everywhere Ryu is strong.

M. Bison, ruler of the evil Shadowlaw crime syndicate, and bad guy extraordinaire.

His henchmen, Vega, Balrog and Sagat. Sagat has a personal thing for Ryu, to do with the huge scar he bears on his chest.

The other characters, are largely incidental, although Chun Li, Guile, Dhalsim and Honda get involved in the story.

These are the classic street fighter characters! How can you not love them!


AWESOME! Spine tingling street fighter goodness, excellent fights and awesome characterization and emotion.

The fight between Chun Li and Vega is legendary, probably one of the all time best animated fights ever.

Voice Acting

All excellent. Exactly what you'd want and expect from the beloved cast of fighters.


It's Street Fighter!


They REALLY didn't need to put some of the characters in. Some of them just make you feel they were tossed in because they had to be.

Gara's Street Fighter II Animated Movie Review Scores
Story :8/10Animation :9/10
Characters :8/10Voices :8/10
Overall Score 81% : Excellent

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