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Macross II : The Movie Review by Gara - DALnet #anime

Macross II : The Movie

Added by Gara on June 26, 2001
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The macross II movie tries to be a love story, but gets caught up in a lot of other things.


Macross II : The Movie Picture 1 The story takes place 80 years after Macross. Zentraedi descendants now live in peace, micronized on earth.

Sudden alien invasion threatens the lasting peace, and UN Spacey responds to the threat of renegade Zentraedi. Even the long sleeping SDF Macross gets called into Battle.

In the thick of this, SNN reporter Hibiki Kanzaki stumbles across a mysterious singing Zentraedi, Ishtar, and becomes determined to teach her the things the other Zentron have learnt in their time on earth and save her from being "reprogrammed".

The story isn't anything new, and although there are twists and turns throughout, it is for the most part fairly predictable until close to the end.


Macross II : The Movie Picture 2 Hibiki Kanzaki is an investigative reporter, with a license to fly the Valkyrie fighters on the job. He's nosy and pushy, but has a strong sense of right and wrong, and his heart is in the right place.

Ishtar is a Zentron princess, taken to earth by Hibiki, who tries to show her there is more to life than the war-faring ways of the Zentraedi.

Silvie Gena is "the ace pilot" in this particular installation of the Macross saga. Fans of the series no doubt know there's an unwritten law stating there must be a pilot who's "the best". She's strong and courageous, and of course, an excellent pilot.

Feff is the captain of the ship Ishtar was on, and fights hard to get her back after her capture.


The art is well drawn, and very crisp and detailed, except during some of the large scale fighting, but that's to be expected. Characters are well rendered, and well played.

Voice Acting

Not too bad, not amazing, Macross II uses pretty typical voice acting. The exceptional voices are those of Feff and Ishtar.


Gotta love Valkyries! The story while pretty typical is still a good tale.


But a good tale that's been played a million times. It could have used a little more spicing up.

Gara's Macross II : The Movie Review Scores
Story :6/10Animation :8/10
Characters :7/10Voices :6/10
Overall Score 66% : Great

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