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Added by Gara on June 26, 2001
Last modified on August 10, 2002
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When I think of Anime Action Heroines, Iria is the first name that comes to mind.


Iria Zeiram the Animation Picture 1 Some elements of the Iria storyline will definately sound familar.

Here's the highlights; Zeiram is a virtually unstoppable killing machine, it's only reason for living is death and destruction. The Tedan Tippedai Corporation attempts to bring Zeiram under their control to use in weapons research. (Shades of the "Alien" series so far.)

Enter ass kicking bounty hunter... Wren! (Betcha thought I was gonna say, Iria, didn't yah!) With his sister Iria, and the perfectly named mercanery leader Bob, they try to stop Zeiram.

Add idiot governments, stupid beaurocrats and innefective tactics, all attempts at stopping Zeiram fail utterly while the monster rampages across innocents. Only Iria can stop Zeiram.


Iria Zeiram the Animation Picture 2 Iria is a short tempered fiery bounty hunter apprentice to her brother, Wren, working for Bob. When Zeiram is unleashed, she makes it her mission to stop him. Think of Iria as... Chun Li crossed with Batman and his utility belt, and add a big ass gun.

Wren and Bob are both expert bounty hunters. They recognize Iria's skill, but both caution her against her hot-headed ways.

Fujikuro is another bounty hunter who's most definately in it for himself. He'll take what he can get out of any situation.

Kei is a punk kid Iria meets up with on her hunt. Kei eventually goes with Iria, who treats kei kind of like a younger sibling.

Zeiram, while playing into a predictable role, is actually pretty unpredictable most of the time, and is an excellent take on the unkillable monster stereotype.


WOW! Iria's animation, art and general direction are first rate throughout, this is a visual feast, start to finish. It's a BIT old, and may lack some of the modern CG effects, but it's still brilliantly done.

Original vehicle, technology, weapon, costume and building designs are a huge plus, bringing the worlds to life. Cyberpunk is probably the best description, but the artists and writers use a unique take on it.

Voice Acting

Let's hear it for emotion in voice acting! Nothing kills an anime as much as bad voices, but Iria shines, both the dub and sub are well done, although the sub is better.


Iria! Zeiram! All the toys! The technology, weapons, vehicles, fights, all excellent. Iria is among the best anime has to offer.


Not much!

Gara's Iria Zeiram the Animation Review Scores
Story :8/10Animation :9/10
Characters :10/10Voices :9/10
Overall Score 90% : Instant Classic

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