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Added by Meeki on June 30, 2001
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Card Captor Sakura really started out as a comic drawn by Clamp! and only a few years ago was it actually turned into an anime.


Card Captor Sakura Picture 1 Card Captor Sakura is an anime about a 10 year old girl named Kinomoto Sakura. She finds a book in her fathers basement called "The Clow" which leads to the release of all the cards. Kero-chan or Cerberus, is the guardian of the cards and promptly appoints Sakura for the job to retain and capture all of the cards for the books once again. Hence, the plot. She ends up teaming up and fighting with several people and like many other anime, there is violence, romance, and cute expressions. :)


Card Captor Sakura Picture 2 Sakura--is your basic 4th grader and fun loving kid. She turns in Card Captor Sakura and has magic powers to help capture the cards. She has feelings for Syaoran but will not admit it, she fancies herself a crush on her brothers best friend.

Kero-chan--He is a little winged creature, kinda like a cross between a lion and a bear. He is the guardian of the clow cards and is working along side Sakura.

Tomoyo-- She is Sakura's best friend and second cousin. She fancies herself in love with Sakura's older brother and is the one that designs all the costumes of Sakura's.

Syaoran-- A young boy in Sakura's class. He eventually teams up with Sakura to help capture cards. He has a crush on the same guy as Sakura. Just a crush people. But deep down, he has feelings for Sakura.


The art is beautiful in my opinion. A bit childish but this is an anime about children, so keep that in mind. I love the style of the art. It is more detailed then a lot of the other television anime.

Voice Acting

I think the voice acting is average. Blends in well with the anime but you always wonder how the japanese version sounds.


The art is beautiful and the characters can become loveable.


Kinda.. repeats itself or is rather predictable. Anime where a group of people basically save the world. How many times have we seen that idea?

Meeki's Card Captor Sakura Review Scores
Story :7/10Animation :8/10
Characters :9/10Voices :6/10
Overall Score 76% : Excellent

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supersteve00 Good review wrong title =) 07/01/01 07:06:32
FelizA it's only that they're crazy about it 10/31/01 10:33:36
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