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Gundam Wing

Added by Dante_Schezar23 on September 07, 2001
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Well, as my name suggests, i love all things gundam, but in all honesty, this is a great anime with a good plot and cool mechas


Gundam Wing Picture 1 The gundam pilots go to earth (for a reason that wont be told here), fight on earth, go to space (for a reason that wont be told here), fight in space, and try to resolve this huge war that is going on. The pilots go through lots of physical and emotional turmoil through this entire process, falling in love, searching for their true feelings, and all that stuff. Each pilot has his own personality and "mini-plot" that follows him/her, very entertaining


Gundam Wing Picture 2 Quatre Raberba Winner: Quatre is the kind, sensitive, touchy-feely kind of guy of the group, hes always concerned for other people, but at the same time, remains strong. Hes has a little of that "little rich kid" aire about him, but one of my favorite pilots. Suits Piloted: Wing Zero, Sandrock, Sandrock custom

Trowa Barton: Trowa is kind of the "I have no idea who i am" charachter. You find out little peices of Trowas past (which i will not delve into because of spoilers), and get the general feel for him. His side activity is working in the circus, which is entertaining at times, but annoying at others. Suits Piloted: Heavyarms, Heavyarms Custom, Wing Gundam, Vayate, Wing Zero

Heero Yuy: Heero is alot like Trowa in the sense that he doesnt really have an identity. He is the "loner" of the group who isnt suppose to show any care or feeling for anyone else. He warms up a little as the story goes along, but telling would spoil that :). Suits Piloted: Wing Gundam, Wing Zero, Heavyarms, Mercurius, Leo

Duo Maxwell: Duo is the "cool" guy in the group. He talks alot, and is always trying to be funny. He also has a "nickname" that would be a little bit of a spoiler, so i wont delve into it. Duo is my favorite pilot. Suits Piloted: Deathscythe, Deathscythe Hell, Deathscythe Hell Custom, Wing Zero, Space Leo

Chang Wufei: Wufei is kind of a mysterious guy, who tends not to assosiate with the other pilots in battle and usually is fighting by himself, for his own reasons. Wufei calls both of his gundams "Nataku", for a reason which will not be told here. Suits Piloted: Shenlong, Altron, Wing Zero

Zechs Marquise: Zechs is the "top pilot", "loner badguy/goodguy". He is a great pilot who has devoted his work to Treize, and eventually develops, shall we say, "multiple personalitys", but that you will discover yourself :). Suits Piloted: Tallgeese, Tallgeese III, Leo, Aires


The animation is excellent, top quality. The gundams are highly detailed and the battles are well done with little "recycled animation".

The detail of the charachters is pretty good, and gives each of them their "own feel and personality"

Voice Acting

I havent seen any of the dubbed versions of Gundam Wing, but the english voice acting is quite well done in my opinion, and should not be scoffed at. The voice of each characher represents their look and feel well


I love Gundam, so im gonna be a little biased here, i think the entire show was great, and there was hardly a dull moment


The only things that could be a little bit of a turnoff for some people is the times when they sit around and discuss politics. Also if you dont pay attention the story can be a little hard to follow

Dante_Schezar23's Gundam Wing Review Scores
Story :8/10Animation :9/10
Characters :10/10Voices :9/10
Overall Score 90% : Instant Classic

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