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Gundam: 08th MS team Review by Dante_Schezar23 - DALnet #anime

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Added by Dante_Schezar23 on August 20, 2001
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I think this is an exceptional show. although short, you grow to love the characters and the difficulties they get caught up in. It is also somewhat an "add-on" to the end of MS gundam, so it does help a little if you watch that one first.


Gundam: 08th MS team Picture 1 Basically, you have your main character Shiro, who is a ensign (or "rookie" for your non-gundam fans) commander going to Earth to command his own MS team for the first time. Trying not to give anything away, I cant say a whole lot more, but he runs into a few problems on the way and grows to be admired by a few of his MS team members before he even reaches the earth.


Gundam: 08th MS team Picture 2 Shiro Amada: Shiro is lovable, kind, caring, and daring, all in the same person. He is a little bit naive at times, but is a natural leader, and shows it. He is the uniting bond of the 08th team, and keeps them together through thick and thin, one of his favorite sayings is "Lets all come back alive".

Karen Joshua: Karen is the veteran of the group, whos been fighting on earth in the 08th team the longest. Shes a widow of a feild surgeon, and has a real talent for GM work. One of her charactaristic features is her hot temper, but as you get to know her, shes not that bad ;).

Terry Sanders Jr.: Sanders is a top ace pilot, more accustomed to space combat. He has a special affection for Shiro for a reason that you will find out. He carries the nickname "Grim Reaper", because every 3rd mission he has piloted to date, all of his team is killed in action except him....

Eledore Massis: Eledore is a real radio head. Hes great at his job in the hovertruck, but when hes off the job, hes a real flake. His dream is to get his song published, and to hear it on the radio. He also has an "infatuation" with Karen.

Micheal Ninorich: Michael is sort of the "quiet" guy of the group. He's sort of a rookie, but is always willing to do anything. He can often be found writing letters to his girlfreind BB, and that often distracts him from the tasks at hand. Micheal works with eledore in the hovertruck.

Aina Sakhalin: Shiro meets up with Aina early on, and right away, you can tell that theres somthing there. Aina is a very pretty young zeon test pilot, who is helping her brother accomplish his "dream".


Did you watch MS gundam, loving the suits but hating that "old look" that it has? Fear not, this is what you have been searching for. The animation is quite well done, details are good, and the drawing is sharp. Trust me, you will love the look of 08th MS team

Voice Acting

I personally think the voices are great. I havent seen the subbed versions, but the english voices fit the characters well. Each of them sounds how they look, which is a good thing.


I loved this series, i thought there was hardly a dull moment. The mobile suits and the characters are well drawn, and when they fight, it gives you a real feel for the battles.


WAY too short. at only 12 episodes, I think this series could have been a much bigger sucess (not that it isnt) if it was longer. The characters could have been even more developed than they already are, and many questions could have been ansewered.

Dante_Schezar23's Gundam: 08th MS team Review Scores
Story :10/10Animation :9/10
Characters :9/10Voices :8/10
Overall Score 91% : Instant Classic

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