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El Hazard: The Alternative World (Season One) Review by AnImE-MaN - DALnet #anime

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Added by AnImE-MaN on September 21, 2001
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Ok well this is my first review and I haven't seen the entire El Hazard TV series; this is just a season (The Alternative World). I'd like to say that this anime is very well rounded, and has such an interesting story line. The anime itself has nothing new or ground breaking to offer, except the incredible plot and development of character personalities.


El Hazard: The Alternative World (Season One) Picture 1 The beginning of this season takes place where Makoto is working on a dimensional transporter, and Miz Mishtal is marrying Masamichi. Shayla (priestess of fire) and Afura (priestess of wind) are along for the ride in the ceremony of naming a new priestess of water (which was Miz Mishtal) to Qawoor. Queen Diva and Katushiko have their own agenda against El Hazard and of increasing the Bugrom Empire. Qawoor crashes her ship on the way to Rishtaria from a bugrom and is rescued by Makoto (who finds her with this little device, thats shaped like a ball with a crystal inside it). A love triangle also forms with Shayla, Nanami, and Makoto. Ok well the ceremony finally takes place, Qawoor is given her "lamp" of water power and everyone watches on. Shayla from a previous heatbreak walks into Makoto's room only to find and activate his dimensional transporter , seeing this weird ass old man talk to her. Katushiko and his bugrom companion are also there , but arrive too late to find anything of importance in Makotos room. Everyone I've spoken about has arrived in a desolate and wasteful world. Shayla and Katushiko find themselves in the snow, which is also the home of strange bugrom. Shayla is imprisoned while katushiko and his bugrom friend are being fattened up. Makoto and Nanami end up in the Kingdom of Creteria where Qawoor has already gone. A love for Qawoor develops from the Emperor of Creteria. Miz Mishtal and Masamichi have their own problems as they end up on a floating island! Ok so this storyline may be rough and confusing , and remember !!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVENT SEEN THE ENTIRE SEASON !!!!!!!!!!!!!.


El Hazard: The Alternative World (Season One) Picture 2 Do i really have to go over them? fine! Makoto our strong headed , intelligent , and sought after by several lovers/ Qawoor our newest water priestess , loves makoto? / Miz Mishtal our recently married and former water priestess / Masamichi our quiet , foolish husband of Miz Mishtal / Queen Diva our queen of the bugrom / Nanami our cook of rishtaria , loves makoto, pesty at times / Shayla our fire priestess , loves makoto , hot head / Afura our wind priestess , calm and smart / Katushiko our sneaky and evil character , love interest of Queen Diva? (there are more characters , yet really are our comic relief and/or havent showed much into the story line.... SO FAR)


What can i say? Its ANIME! The eyes and everything else is drawn similar to most other animes. Yet whoever makes El Hazard knows how to make beautiful scenery, and such great designs shows you they spent quite a bit of time creating a sort of uniqueness to this anime.

Voice Acting

Maybe this isnt the best section for me =p. I have always been a fan of dubs , and it truly makes no difference , in my opinion , the way they sound. Though what in the hell is with Masamichi's scratchy, hoarse sounding dub voice!?


I dont care for much anime music , but the beginning music I liked alot. Again, I like the storyline and characters very much.


Ive only seen part of a season , so its not fair to say any dislikes I've noticed (which may be improved later on)

AnImE-MaN's El Hazard: The Alternative World (Season One) Review Scores
Story :8/10Animation :8/10
Characters :8/10Voices :8/10
Overall Score 80% : Excellent

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melissa daphne y. paculan !!!makoto and nanami 4ever!!! 10/29/01 11:09:00
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