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FLCL Review by Calophi - DALnet #anime

Added by Calophi on October 01, 2001
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FLCL is nothing short of insane. The first episode alone is as mind-boggling as the entire Evangelion series, and the other five episodes are worse! Once you see a robot burst out of a 12 year old boy's head, you'll be begging for more.


FLCL Picture 1 FLCL is pronounced FuriKuri, which translates to breast tweaking. However, this has nothing to do with the storyline whatsoever. Well, maybe for about two minutes, but that's it. It's six episodes long.

The plot takes place in a town called Mabase, and in this town lies a building called the Medical Mechanica Plant. Mabase is pretty much isolated from the outside world because of, and yet not because of, this plant.

Naota, a twelve-year-old elementary student, gets hit by a Vespa (a type of motercycle) early on in the series while is walking home with his brother's girlfriend, Mamimi. He later gets home to find that the girl who hit him has been hired as his housemaid. She introduces herself as Haruko, and as you can imagine, Naota is not happy with this situation.

Did I mention that Naota has a horn growing out of his head? Well, he does. Soon, all hell breaks loose. A robot appears from some place or another, and Naota's horn becomes a robot with a TV for a head, and...well...eventually through the series you find out what the heck is going on. Kind of.

That's the a short version of the first episode, and I'm sorry to give away spoilers, but trying to explain what the storyline is all about would have given away much, much more. As you can see, it's crazy enough already.


FLCL Picture 2 There are a LOT of characters that are important to the story, so I'll stick to the three that we meet right off the bat.

First off is Nandaba Naota, a twelve-year-old 6th grader with an attitude and pretty much the "hero" of the story, if there is a hero; he also gets the most character development. He always carries around a bat, and he doesn't like sour things.

Next up is Haruhara Haruko, who is about 19 years old. This probably isn't her real name or age, as she admits that she is an alien right in episode one. She runs Naota down on her Vespa and then pretty much tortures him for the rest of the series. Most of the time she acts like an extremely evil big sister, but at times it seems she has a "thing" for Naota. Oh yeah, and she fights using a Rickenbacker bass guitar as her weapon.

Last is Samejima Mamimi, who is 17 years old and is the girlfriend of Naota's brother Tasuku(who went to America to play baseball). She seems to have some sort of medical condition that makes her need to do sexual things. She also appears to have a "thing" for Naota, but this is might only be because he is Tasuku's brother (she calls Naota "Ta-kun").


The animation doesn't leave much to be desired. The style is, from what I've seen, top-o'-the-line and VERY unique. If you've seen any of the manga it was based off of, you would immediately see why they had to draw the characters as strange as they did. The colors and backgrounds were wonderful as well.

Also, the animation shifts from normal-ness to strange-ness to manga style and yes, even to South Park style. Score one to FLCL for making fun of American cartoons!

Voice Acting

The voice acting is completely appropriate for each character. There was a lot of emotion to the characters' speech, and they pulled off the crazier parts with no problems.


I absolutely loved the zaniness of it all - the weird characters, the weird events, EVERYTHING. And since there isn't a spot for it, let me tell you that the soundtrack is AWESOME.


I slightly disliked Haruko's voice because it was a bit annoying, but if you think about it, that's okay because she's an alien. A WEIRD alien.

Calophi's FLCL Review Scores
Story :10/10Animation :9/10
Characters :10/10Voices :9/10
Overall Score 96% : BUY THIS NOW!

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