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Added by Dante_Schezar23 on December 14, 2001
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Ninja Scroll is a anime about what it sounds like it's about, Ninjas. It's fast paced action, and this one's definately not for the kiddies, with a fairly decent amount of "adult only" scenes. They find themselves stuck taking on a band of 8 demons; and there's action from there on all the way to the finish. The characters are interesting and the story's great, I reccommend.


Ninja Scroll Picture 1 Basically this story begins by shots of a village, totally destroyed by a plague and you see a few suspcious things. Then you meet Jubei, the main character, a real master of swords... you find that out rather quickly. Eventually Jubei meets up with a few characters and you find out what's going on, and without saying much more to spoil things, that's where you start off.


Ninja Scroll Picture 2 Jubei - A master of swords, and a Ninja for hire. The story starts with him making quick work of a few mercanaries. Jubei's one of those "I may seem calm, but I'm about to kick your ass" guys. Definatly on my top 10 list of badass dudes, you'll love this guy.

Kagero - A beautiful woman Ninja who is a bit of a mystery at the start. Often simply refered to as the "Ninja Woman," she finds it hard to feel like a person. She also has a special ability, talk about taboo beauty...

Dakuan - A traveling monk, claiming to be a government spy who rather forcefully hires Jubei to work for him. His intent's aren't exactly clear, but that's for you to find out.

Tessai - A character who's really rock solid. No pun intended, promise. You meet this guy early, and you'll see who and what he is soon enough.


The animation is very well done, some of the best around. The overall quality of it is excellent, and things are very well detailed, even during the fast-paced parts.

Voice Acting

The voices fit the characters, especially Dakuans. The acting is well done and the emotions can be felt, certianly no second hand job.


I think each of the characters has his own personality, and each of the Demons is unique and quirky in their own way, keeping the action different by having their own techniques and fighting styles. Watch Jubei and Kagero work their way out of problems as the story unfolds.


The only thing that I didn't really like was near the end, there were some action scenes that were slow motion style, could have been done a little better and the blood is a little excessive at times. The nudity isn't bad though, it's there so younger kids prolbably ought not to see this one, but it's not badly done or overused, so it's neutral.

Dante_Schezar23's Ninja Scroll Review Scores
Story :9/10Animation :10/10
Characters :9/10Voices :9/10
Overall Score 91% : Instant Classic

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