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Vampire Hunter D Review by Dante_Schezar23 - DALnet #anime

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Added by Dante_Schezar23 on January 12, 2002
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This is an anime with a pretty average storyline, nothing you haven't seen before but it does it rather well, and D is one of the cooler characters that i've seen. Very reminicint of Castlevania for all you fans out there.


Vampire Hunter D Picture 1 The story begins with the lead female character, Doris, attacking a dinosauroid mutant creature that's feeding on her apples, then she persues chase and runs into a vampire, and gets bitten, so she needs the services of a vampire hunter. You meet D, a rather mysterious vampire hunter who seems interested in taking her case. She offers him a place to say, 3 meals a day and her body as payment, and he accepts to her agreement (although they never sleep together, lol).


Vampire Hunter D Picture 2 D - As he is described early in the movie, he's a character who only says things when neccesary, leaving his actions to do his talking. A rather dark but imennsly cool character.

D's hand - Possibly one of the more interesting characters, pipes up whenever he has somthing witty to say. It's a sort of symbiote that is attached to D's hand.

Doris - A young girl who's father was a hunter (werewolves). She is bitten by a vampire and seeks help of an expert vampire hunter to kill the vampire and purge her of the curse.

Dan - You don't really see much of him to say the most, but he's Doris' younger brother, kinda the youth growing up.

Count Magnus Lee - A vampire over 10,000 years old and still tickin. As D describes him, the old ones are powerful and almost invincible, fighting Mangus Lee will be quite the task.


The animation quailty is pretty average, although you do have to take into account this is an older anime, but personally I like the look.

Voice Acting

The voices are fairly well done, I like D's although he doesn't talk very often, and the voice acting for his hand is especially well done.


I think that the story, although tierd and done, is well done and it pulls off that post apocolyptic feel with a little Castlevaninan twist.


The story didn't really "flow" right, it seemed a bit choppy and hard to tell exactly where the story was going the first time, too light of a story, not enough twists and turns, pretty basic, could've been better done, especially if the movie was a little longer, but not bad none the less.

Dante_Schezar23's Vampire Hunter D Review Scores
Story :7/10Animation :6/10
Characters :8/10Voices :8/10
Overall Score 73% : Great

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