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MD Geist II Review by Gara - DALnet #anime

MD Geist II

Added by Gara on February 11, 2001
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MD Geist II is a mindless trip in the planet Jira, following the MDS (Most Dangeourous Soldier) Geist as he generally kills stuff.


MD Geist II Picture 1 MD Geist II's basic story is about Geist as he fights the Death Force, a force of robots who rule the world killing humans. Nothing new. Geist also meets up with MD Krauser, another MDS, but one who has passed his "kill everything" programming, and now seems to have "worship me" programming.

Krauser is terrified of Geist, and plots to kill him. Pretty much everything else is a given.


MD Geist II Picture 2 MD Geist is a mindless killing machine. Not much more to be said.

MD Krauser is a mindless killing machine, and a megalomaniac.

All other characters are incidental, and most follow the grand tradition of "Ensign Expendable".

In MD Geist I, Geist's character was built up as a tough super human killer with a heart of stone. At very least, he had the same appeal as Kirk Russel did in the movie "Soldier". In the sequel, he's been reduced to the guy with guns.


The majority of the animation consists of just panned shots across a still image. This is standard anime stuff, but is overused in MD Geist II.

The artwork is largely ok, although there is an excess of blood and guts. Humans just don't contain that much crap.

The action scenes are good, but no better than action scenes in other, MUCH better anime, and worse than many.

Voice Acting

The english dub of MD Geist II is attrocious. Brilliant lines such as "You Idiot", "How incredibly gross" and "It doesn't matter we're all done for anyway." are standard fare.


MD Geist II is very short.


Too long to list.

Gara's MD Geist II Review Scores
Story :2/10Animation :5/10
Characters :3/10Voices :2/10
Overall Score 28% : Terrible

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