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Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust Review by Ayukawa - DALnet #anime

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Added by Ayukawa on May 05, 2002
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Vampire Hunter D is one of the worst animes I've ever seen. The only anime I've seen that sucked more was Fist of the North Star, and End of Summer. I very reluctantly borrowed a copy of Bloodlust from a friend, and stuck it in my PS2, praying the thing wouldn't short out in horror. There's really not much I can really say about Bloodlust other than, well.. Damn.


Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust Picture 1 D is hired by a family to return their daughter, and must compete with another set of bounty hunters along the way. If the girl has been turned into a vampire, he's to kill her, but in a nice way... That's the basic outline, which isn't too overly original itself, but as the movie goes on, it becomes pretty damn interesting and involved.


Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust Picture 2 D. Not much has changed with him. He still has a personality that makes Squall Lionheart look like a prom king. Meier. The evil vampire guy. He's pretty cool, actually. And he does a lot more asskicking than the vampire guy in the first VHD. The greatest thing about the characters in VHD is that they pit a really good guy (D) against a really bad guy (Meier) and by the time the movie ends, you find yourself liking both of them equally.


Wow, what an improvement over the original. Comparing Bloodlust to the original would be similar to comparing Final Fantasy 10 to Final Fantasy 4. The atmosphere of Bloodlust was a lot better, and it was pleasing to watch, not painful like it's predecessor

Voice Acting

Did Bloodlust ever come subtitled? I didn't see an option on the DVD, so I ended up watching it dubbed. It's not bad at all. Actually, it's probably one of the best dubbings I've heard.


This movie is an incredible improvement over the original. I really enjoyed it. I can't really think of things that stick in my mind as being "Wheeeeeeee!" but overall, it's a great anime.


Can't really think of too much here, honestly. D's personality sucked kinda, but atleast it wasn't worse than the original.

Ayukawa's Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust Review Scores
Story :8/10Animation :8/10
Characters :8/10Voices :9/10
Overall Score 81% : Excellent

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