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Name : Yukina
Location : Uh... Shadow Box
Comment Title : KNIVES KICKS!!!
Added at : 02/14/04 06:20:00

Ok, I love Vash ^^. But He's not a villain. So, I go with his brother. Trigun is just one of THE BEST animes ever (oops! 0x0 animes, is that a word?). Yeah, and Shishio has too complicated of a personality. Makes my brain hurt. >_<

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  Son of Diabo> Father is not happy 05/26/02 02:18:06
  keira ... 03/25/03 09:23:13
  The Raven Knives is way better 06/22/03 05:10:23
  anne kicked ass 07/16/03 01:29:26
  kaminari Shishio rules 07/19/03 01:06:07
  Yukina KNIVES KICKS!!! 02/14/04 06:20:00

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